Refresh for Fall + a Gallery Wall

Last time we chatted about my laundry room, it looked something like this:

Laundry Room Reveal

It was clean, full of bright-colored cheer, and had just survived some serious time in the DIY beauty shop (cabinet makeover, gallery wall updates, organization updates & a fresh paint job). Three months later, I’m still head over heels in love with this space and especially love how much function it offers us. But like any space that gets a lot of traffic and attention, it needs a good CLEAN & a breath of FRESH air over time. With Matt and I both back to work this fall, our laundry room sees even more action and has a large responsibility keeping our “professional” clothes looking professional. To keep that wash machine sparkling and our clothes CLEAN, I decided to refresh this space for fall. And to me, refreshing this space for fall doesn’t mean just cleaning — that gallery wall could use some fall love too!

Laundry Room Fall

We will get into the gallery wall details, but first let’s get the dirty work out-of-the-way.

Refresh for Fall Laundry Room To Do List:

  • Clean inside of Front Loading Washing Machine thoroughly
  • Eliminate the “grime” build up on the Wash Machine door
  • Get rid of any mold/mildew in the Wash Machine
  • Sanitize the detergent drawer
  • Remove marks on the top of the machine
  • Update Gallery Wall for Fall

First on the list: eliminating the coat of “grime” that has built up on the door of our front loading wash machine. Ironic that a place we use to get other things clean isn’t always clean?

IMG_2568This layer of grime has built up over the last few months & has left a cloudy residue on the door. I’ve tried to wipe it away with a simple soap and water solution but this grime is far more stubborn than it looks! A rag just hasn’t seemed to do the trick so I had no choice but to call in some backup.

IMG_2436Enter one of my favorite cleaning products of all time… the MAGIC ERASER! My mom actually introduced me to this life-saver when we first bought our house (if you know anything about my mom, you know that any cleaning advice she offers is If there was such a thing as obtaining a PhD in Cleaning, I’m pretty sure she’d teach the class). So when she gifted me my first Magic Eraser a couple of years ago, I’ve been a big fan ever since.

IMG_2602All you have to do is run the pad under a little water and start scrubbing.
IMG_2608-001Just like that…. Voila! Grime magically erased!

IMG_2616See the difference?! It only took a few swipes and the front loader is back in business… grime free & fabulous. IMG_2592I also used the Magic Eraser to wipe off any scuffs around the house, like this one on the top of the dryer. With all the action that the top of our machines get, they see their fair share of ugly scuffs. Thankfully, these marks don’t stand a chance next to the magic eraser.

Simple Swipe… Goodbye Scuffs.
IMG_2634Next on the to do list: Clean out the mold/mildew that has appeared within the rubber tracks of the front loading washing machine. (Warning: if you are eating or enjoying some morning coffee, I strongly advise you to close your eyes & quickly scroll past the next picture).

IMG_2585Totally disgusting, a tad horrifying to share publicly on the internet, but definitely the reality of not keeping up on the maintenance of our wash machine. #keepinitREAL

Enter Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

I wiped that solution under the rubber border and got rid of all of the bacteria and unwanted gross-ness. I definitely need to keep up on that more often!


So fresh & so clean, clean!
IMG_2575While I cleaned out that nook & cranny, I noticed another area needed some disinfecting attention.
IMG_2576The detergent drawer seemed to have some mold build-up as well. Ew, ew, ew. How did I not see this sooner?!

The liquid muscle solution was perfect for wiping away that mess and leaving our detergent drawer far more sanitary and a lot more acceptable. I need to watch this area more closely in the future for sure.
IMG_2559Our clothes are smelling fresh & are thankfully coming in contact with a lot less nastiness thanks to this simple fall laundry room re-fresh. I guess the refresh is perfect timing for all of our new back-to-school clothes!

The last step to re-fresh our home’s sanitary district — a refreshed GALLERY WALL! We loved the spring/summer look, but we wanted this space to reflect our excitement for fall. So we transformed this tiny space on a budget & love the breath of fresh, fall, crisp air it offers!

IMG_2564I bought the geometric art for $14.99 and used this item as the “inspiration” for the rest of the gallery. To fill in the remaining frames, I used things we had around the house or free things from the internet. So the total for the transformation was a whopping $15!
IMG_2549I had this print laying around and used some colorful washi tape to give it a pop of fall personality.
IMG_2520One of my fav pieces from the gallery wall is this page. It’s a “3D” frame, so I was able to put some clothes pins within the frame to capture the “laundry” look on a budget. The actual print is a page from a book; I tore it out so it could double as some more budget friendly “art”.
IMG_2529IMG_2541I still use both baskets ALL the time! The wire basket that says “WASH” holds all of our detergent/bleach. The basket on the wall holds socks, scarfs, or anything that doesn’t immediately have a home when it comes out of the dryer. (Update: If you don’t want to nail a basket into the wall, you should check out how Jen uses hers. GENIUS! Less permanent, yet still super effective).
IMG_2552IMG_2546I found this owl print here. I love the message, personality and color it brings to the gallery. After this laundry cleanse, I’m definitely wiser and adjusting my cleaning game plan for next season.IMG_2542The hooks are still very much in use all the time as well. They hold items that need to be air-dried instead of put into the dryer. I hang a lot of my work clothes, sweaters, or even bras up there to dry. TMI?

Not that I didn’t LOVE the original gallery wall, I just love the new sense of excitement I have when I see the “new look”. I will absolutely bring the old prints back when Spring comes (I think), but for now… the fall hints get me excited for the season ahead. The fall wall also has me marking my calendar to REFRESH this space once again for winter.

 Refresh for Fall Laundry Room To Do List:

  • Clean inside of Front Loading Washing Machine thoroughly
  • Eliminate the “grime” build up on the Wash Machine door
  • Get rid of any mold/mildew in the Wash Machine
  • Sanitize the detergent drawer 
  • Remove marks on the top of the machine
  • Update Gallery Wall for Fall

What’s on your “refresh for fall” To-Do list?! Happy Cleaning,


  • Olivia

    I rent my apartment, and upon moving in the rubber liner in the washing machine was left in FAR worse shape from the previous tenants. (Looking at your picture, I thought “Oh, that’s NOTHING!”) I definitely thought I’d have to convince the landlord to buy a replacement piece, it was that gross. But some elbow grease, vinegar, and eventually bleach did the trick.

    After that experience, I now leave a microfiber cloth in my laundry room permanently so that I remember to wipe down the inside of the washer’s door as well as the liner after I’m done washing things. Works wonderfully!

    • Haha that is too funny Olivia! We’re happy to hear you got things fresh and clean again. Good idea to keep the cloth handy!

  • Lanna,

    I fixed the link– sorry about that!! Thanks for pointing that out. I bet when you check out the page, you’ll find a few other prints you will FALL in LOVE with. Consider yourself warned…. 😉

    Xo, B

  • Cathy Cortes

    Oh man, I’m sure my laundry room is in need of some cleaning. Sounds like a perfect weekend task. Thanks for the tips!