Date Night Surprise for HIM + FREE Printable

With Casey’s wedding coming up THIS weekend, we are really feeling the LOVE here on the DIY Playbook. Not to mention, there’s something about this cooler weather that makes us want to hug our handsome better halves just a tad tighter. That fact mixed with the idea that here on the DIY Playbook we find pretty much any (and yes, we mean literally ANY) reason to celebrate helped create the idea of today’s post.

Next Saturday, October 18th to be exact, is SWEETEST DAY! After a little bit of research into this Hallmark Holiday, I found out that not every state even celebrates this random excuse to shower your partner with extra love, so we’re not even sure how truly valid Sweetest Day is (had us fooled all these years). But heck, nothing is stopping us from celebrating the fall version of Valentine’s Day with a creative little surprise for our “sweeties”. Plus, we want to share our idea and FREE PRINTABLE with you so you can surprise your sweetie next weekend too! (Us girls have to stick together, right?!)

the perfect sweetest day gift for the guy in your lifeTo shower Matt with a little extra love, I mixed up a creative date night idea with a twist of his favorite drink ingredients. One thing that Matt is NOT a fan of is picking our plans whenever we are undecided where our evening is headed. Where to eat, what to do, who to go out with… Matt is NOT a fan of deciding the plans, yet he almost always ends up having to decide (oops). So beyond the package & showing him some extra “love” in honor of Sweetest Day, I decided to actually PLAN the date night for a change. I know Matt will appreciate this part of the gift far more than anything else! Seven-Up, a lime, and some so-co makes for an easy mini cocktail kitThe gift itself is pretty easy (and cheap!) to assemble. The date night, well…. that’s another story. I’m still thinking about my surprise plans for the Mr. Any ideas?!
this easy mini cocktail kit is perfect for sweetest dayI created a “Mustache” theme for this date night by incorporating a mustache glass & a mustache downloadable tag. I grabbed this drinking glass from the Dollar Tree, but if you can’t find one like this, I’m sure your man would appreciate any drinking glass. Alongside the glass, I bought a 7UP bottle, lime and a mini Southern Comfort to mix up one of Matt’s favorite drinks before we head out for the evening. I had to go to a Liquor Store to find the mini SoCo bottle, but I was surprised to find almost any type of alcohol sold in these cute baby bottles. So if your man isn’t a fan of a SoCo + 7, maybe a Coke bottle and Jack Daniels or mini Captain Morgan would do the trick instead. seven-up, soco and a lime make a great mini cocktail kitI wrapped the drink ingredients up in clear wrapping paper and tied the top of the package with ribbon.
I mustache you date night printableI downloaded, printed, and cut out this FREE Printable and tied it to the package to finish it off.

What I love about this free tag is that it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be used for Sweetest Day or even on this package. You could print this bad boy out and hide it by his razor in the morning to notify him about your secret plans for an upcoming Date Night. Talk about catching him off guard and earning MAJOR wife/girlfriend points!!

this date night sweetest day gift is perfect for your manNow that the easy part is over, I have to start brainstorming some Date Night ideas. I hope I can come up with something before I present this cute package to my sweetie NEXT Saturday.mustache printable tagDate night sweetest day mini cocktail giftDo you celebrate Sweetest Day? If so, any fun traditions? Staple gifts? Creative Ideas for a fun night out?!!