Wedding’s Over…Where Are We Going Now?

We survived the wedding weekend…and boy oh boy was it FABULOUS!bride FinnWedding3

If you follow us on Instagram, then you probably got a sneak peek of the big magical day. Here are some of our behind-the-scenes photos when Casey officially became Mrs. Finn. <<— we still can’t believe it!!!!

Don’t worry, we’ll be gushing about all the wedding details over the next few weeks, but oddly enough- we have more BIG NEWS to announce.

The breaking news?! We’re going on a trip…together… this week! No, the newlyweds are not jetsetting off on their honeymoon (they’re saving that for 2015)…instead these 2 rookies are going on a little business trip. (If you’re chuckling at the sound of that, don’t worry- that makes all of us. Us? business trip? together? 2 days after Casey’s wedding?)

Is it strange that Casey is deserting her new husband during the first week of their marriage? Yes…probably definitely. But when one of your favorite companies invites you to participate in an amazing opportunity… well, sometimes you just can’t say “no”. So instead of a honeymoon starting 2 days after Casey’s wedding, we are taking a bestie-moon.

We’re heading to NEW YORK CITY baby!

DIY Playbook

You know… the BIG APPLE!


Earlier this year, Lowe’s Home Improvement contacted us about teaming up for some fun collaborations. We had such a great time working with them on our patio makeover, so it was a no brainer to continue our relationship with the rock star team over at Lowe’s.  They recently asked if we wanted to take a trip to the Big Apple to create a Vine for their #LowesFixInSix campaign.

B & C After squealing, jumping up and down, and saying “woo” a bunch way too many times…we calmed down and professionally said, “Sounds delightful, please let us know details.” all the while thinking, “OMG, they want us?! Let’s just say yes before they change their minds!”

SuitcaseSo fast forward a few weeks and we’re now heading to NYC…tomorrow! (Of course still thinking, “OMG, they still want us?”). In true blog fashion, we will of course share all of the details with you guys along the way. Behind the scenes of our video shoot, the offices at Buzzfeed (that’s where we’re shooting them! sayyyy whhhaaaattt?!), and pics of all of the places we visit while we’re in the Big Apple. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest happenings and tune in next week for the VINE reveal and the NYC recap.

big appleUntil then, go check out some of the vines from the #LowesFixInSix campaign. They’re phenomenal…so creative and entertaining. Fingers crossed our vine will be just as amazing! #pressureson

Oh, and most importantly… we need your help!! Any locals or avid travelers tuning in? We need some advice on where we should go/eat/shop/visit during our time in NYC. We’re open to all suggestions and would love to hear your expertise!

Bridget and Casey SignatureP.S. Today is B’s birthday! We can’t wait to celebrate the big 2-7 in NYC. Any good recommendations for a birthday cupcake spot? Now that the wedding is over… bring on those desserts! Best friends

  • Stephanie

    Yay so fun, my city! Depending on where you’re staying I could give suggestions! I checked out the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum this wknd, def worth checking out 🙂

    • Stephanie,
      Oh cool…what an awesome option. Thanks for telling us!

      We’re staying in SoHo. Any recommendations for around there??

      Casey & Bridget

    • Stephanie

      My fav restaurant around there is Boqueria – great for tapas!

  • Brooke P

    Baked by Melissa for the more adorable mini cupcakes you’ll find! She has a window on 7th Ave at 38th street. Happy Birthday!

  • sweet of Mr. Finn to let his new bride have her day in the sun with her BFF, congrats on everything in this post girls!

  • Summer Hogan

    That is super news y’all and yes, Mr. Finn must be a good man 🙂 Can’t wait to follow along the journey! You guys will totally rock it!

    • Right?! We are so darn lucky to have such supportive hubbies, especially this close to the wedding!

  • Danielle

    Definitely try Beauty and Essex. You need a reservation but it is totally worth it! Try to have drinks at the Standard Hotel and walk along the Highline (elevated park – great views). Magnolia Bakery is of course the NY standard, but for something fun try the cupcake ATM on Lexington Avenue between 60th and 61st. Have fun!!

  • You are seriously too sweet Trang. Thanks so much! It was fabulous weather, we totally lucked out. More photos to come soon…I promise!