#HowToTuesday with American Express

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We like to think that we’re somewhat talented in a few areas. Crafting projects don’t typically intimidate us, we could arrange and re-arrange accessories all day long, and we know how to power through a to-do list like no other. But there is one life skill that is sorely missing from our resume. Cooking.

Yes, we’ve said it before and we will say it again. The only time you’ll find us in the kitchen is in the morning when we’re brewing a cup of joe. To us, the kitchen is the scariest room in the house and we’re lucky our husbands take on the important role of “chef” in our households. If they didn’t, cold cereal would probably be on the menu 7 nights a week. #sadbuttrue.

Recently, American Express told us all about their new “At Your Service” campaign to celebrate the Amex EveryDay Credit Card. It’s a program highlighting two parts of everyday life, food & home. The company created how-to videos designed to make everyday life a heck of a lot easier.#howtotuesday

One of the how-to videos series is called “EveryDay Genius” and it’s hosted by Kari Byron from the show Mythbusters (such a good show!). In the series, Kari puts everyday life-hacks to the tests and shares the best one with viewers. I mean who doesn’t like a good life hack?

The other video series is called “My EveryDay Dish” and it highlights unique tastemakers and their favorite everyday recipes. The videos are produced beautifully (if we do say so) and they make cooking actually look FUN and not too scary. <—did we really just say that?

Hmmm…videos that simplify cooking…that part definitely grabbed our attention.  We tuned into the “My EveryDay Dish” episode last Tuesday and we were actually motivated to perhaps try our hand at cooking. Plus it featured a mouthwatering macaroni & cheese recipe. How could we not be a bit intrigued?How-To-Tuesday-Box

Then this arrived on our doorstep…How to clean a pan after use

…all of the ingredients & supplies to not only whip up the mac & cheese dish, but to also clean out the sticky pan. Yep, that was the kick in the pants we needed to actually enter the kitchen territory.

But before we started whipping up that dish, we of course had to “sample” the product.

I mean who doesn’t love a little cheese and vino? One of the best combos if we do say so.

Mac & Cheese Recipe

Cutting-BoardWe nibbled on our little cheese plate and re-watched Caroline work her mac & cheese magic with this simple tutorial. <– I mean she is just so darn cute and makes it look quick and easy?!

Red-Wine-GlassSo that’s where we’ll end… with big hopes & dreams of incorporating everyday dishes into our own homes far more often. First up this macaroni & cheese recipe.

We definitely need to step up our game in the kitchens and think this fun series is exactly what we need to get us in gear! But before we go, any guesses on what that cola was for in the package?! No, not to pair with the mac & cheese (joke is on us!)

How to Clean a Pan After Mac & Cheese

Use cola to clean a pan after use

It’s for cleaning all of the residue out of the pan after your delicious meal! Who knew?! (haha maybe everyone… but not us kitchen little leaguers!). We had no idea!! Kari’s super cute (and quick) tutorial, as seen here, totally has us thinking that this Everyday Hack is GENIUS. Now we know how to clean a pan! Genius.

So here’s our plan goal. Using the American Express #HowtoTuesday campaign, we hope to make life easier with these GENIUS life hacks and of course share them all with you on our social media channels. We also hope to finally step up our wife game and bring something to the kitchen beyond dirty dishes. We have the wine, cheese, super simple tutorial… what more do we need? If it’s not now… it’s never!  And heck, if nothing else… we’re excited to see how we can incorporate these Everyday Hacks to make our lives easier throughout the next month, especially during such a busy time of year! Wish us luck…