Light ’em Up, Up, Up + a Giveaway

About a month ago, I shared my Fall House Tour.  Remember our fall inspired tiny front porch?
IMG_2698-001Look past the crooked wreath and this space wasn’t looking too bad, right? Bright Fall colors, fresh mini pumpkins, a blooming mum… I had all of the fall bases covered. IMG_2713-001fall doorplantsWe were totally digging the fall look and were always happy to greet our guests with lots of “holiday cheer”. Howeverrrrrrrr, there was one part of the fall porch that you didn’t see and one part that does not greet our customers with that same fall enthusiasm. {insert scary Halloween music here}
IMG_4644-001Well, unless by “holiday cheer” you meant a scary Halloween inspired look with scenes from that creepy Beetle Juice movie (haha, Casey told me Beetle Juice isn’t scary — I would disagree!). In that case, we were spot on!
IMG_4639-001I’m embarrassed to even share these horrific pictures. The light above the porch was a gross mess, and I cringed every time a visitor came to our door. I would smile graciously while opening the door, thinking in my head the whole time, “please don’t look up. I promise that collection of dead insects is not an accurate representation of our home or style”. Not a good way to greet guests… trust me.

Disclaimer: If you’re enjoying your morning coffee, close your eyes and scroll a few seconds down. I’m sorry if this warning has come too late! 
IMG_4640-001IMG_4641-001It was definitely time for a change and with Halloween last week, I decided to get rid of the spooky scene before trick-or-treaters came a knockin’. I could see it now… these cute little trick or treaters ring the bell, spot the village of dead bugs, go screaming to their moms who quickly whisk them up and power walk far away from our house, and before we could do anything about it we are quickly labeled the weird, dirty neighbors who no one will ever talk to again. Maybe I’m overreacting a tad, but those bugs… they had to go before we greeted those cute trick-or-treaters last week.
IMG_4670-001So that’s exactly what I did. I carefully took the cover off by unscrewing the twisty thingys (I swear they weren’t screws, I know what those are) and cleaned that sucker with lots & lots & lots of soap and water. While the cover was drying, I decided to replace the light bulbs with brighter LED lights that are energy-efficient. You just can’t go wrong with brighter and cost-saving, can you?

IMG_4700-001We decided on these CREE light bulbs to do the trick.

I screwed in the 2 new light bulbs, and according to the box’s instructions, I don’t plan on changing them for over 10 years!! Apparently, I’ll be saving a pretty penny over the lifespan of these suckers– almost 200 bucks to be exact. #score

IMG_4675-001Especially on the front porch, I love that although these bulbs are super energy-efficient and cost saving, they are super BRIGHT right from the time you switch them on. I’ve used other energy-efficient lights where the light isn’t 100% bright for about 15 minutes. In some spaces this works, not on our front porch though.
IMG_4684-001Once both light bulbs were in and the cover was nice and dry, I screwed it all back together and marveled at the sight of NO BUGS!
IMG_4689-001Who knew that when I set out to de-spook my porch, I would actually end up saving almost $200 in the process? Now that’s my kind of DIY!
IMG_4640-001IMG_4687-001IMG_4695-001I’m absolutely in LOVE with the bright light that these new bulbs radiate. There’s definitely no missing our little house at night, bug free & glamorous.
IMG_4694-001porchAlthough I don’t plan to change the Cree light bulbs anytime soon, I do have a feeling that I’ll be back up there cleaning that cover next season. I mean, how could you blame those little guys from flying toward those gorgeous bright lights? They know where the party’s at!

Cree generously offered to extend a giveaway to our favorite readers, so you too can add some light to your home. Enter to win $70 worth of new bulbs in the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


[Disclaimer: We were compensated by CREE to bring you this post. All thoughts, opinions and photography are our own, including the bug infested light fixture (unfortunately). Thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog!]

  • Joey

    I want to install some shelving in my living room & bedroom! btw, you are so funny!! lol..Your porch looks amazing btw!

    Thank you for the chance to win these much needed bulbs!

    Joey J.

  • Amy Cheng

    I love me some Cree light bulbs!! Your porch looks great!!
    My next project is our living room/playroom. We need to get some couches and more storage, along with decorating the whole space.

    • Thanks so much Amy! Sounds like you have some fun decorating in your future with the playroom. Good luck!

  • Lauren Santay

    I was just looking at LED bulbs at Target yesterday! I couldn’t figure out the diffrence between the different types.

    • Lauren – It can definitely be confusing! Hopefully you win the multi-pack and you can try out a bunch of different ones!

  • sjs27

    we’re getting our basement remodeled and turned into a gym, so there will be lots of DIY action getting it set up once the remodel is done! lights would be a great help in there!

  • Maggie

    I am making a new wreath for my front door!

  • Kristen

    I just started hearing about the Cree LED lights! I’ll have to check them out!

  • Heather

    Our next project is a laundry room flip. We are in a huge need of storage in our house and that is the one place I can put it.

  • Ryan Malone

    love these bulbs. would love some more! thanks for putting up the giveaway!

  • Michelle

    Next for me is upholstering two chairs. They’ve been sitting in my closet for two months now…. I should probably work on that oops

  • Diana

    Either covering some books with fabric (never tried it) or painting a cupboard white (currently dirty yellow) or starting some Christmas stocking stuffers. Whatever mood strikes first. =)

  • Something for Thanksgiving.

    • Seasonal projects definitely get you in the spirit for the holiday! We can’t wait to get our holiday craft on.

  • Lindsay

    Replacing the lights on our front porch. The current ones are much too small for the scale of the house and look silly!

  • Kristen Mcclary

    next is definently making shelves for my kids room

  • Phyllis


  • astcgirl

    OMG I just love the color of your front door. It’s my favorite color, I even painted my pantry door in the kitchen that color and the inside of the coat closet that I turned into another pantry. Next on my to do DIY list is to make my son a loft bed, he broke his other small loft bed by jumping off and on it so I’m going to make a sturdier one for him and surprise him for Christmas.

    • Thanks so much!! And wow, building him a whole new bed… you are amazing!

  • Solducky

    Winterizing! Cold weather is a-comin’ and fast. And I adore your front door color too!

    • Sadly you’re right…winter will be here before we know it! Thanks for the door love!

  • Ashley C

    We are buying a new house so we have a whole list of DIY projects!


  • Katie

    I love using energy efficient bulbs but hate that they take some time to get to their full brightness. These sound like a good replacement.

  • This really makes me want to go clean our porch lights! I honestly have no idea the last time they were cleaned…we bought this house 6 months ago and it was vacant for about 5+ years prior. Eeeek!

  • Making curtains! 🙂

  • Kimberly

    Painting the living room and kitchen areas.