Ready, Set, Christmas: A Runner’s Christmas Tree

My big sis Katie is no stranger to you guys here on the DIY Playbook. Remember her wedding photos, 1st year anniversary gift, front door makeover and thanksgiving tablescape we shared this year?! As much as she tries, she really can’t run and hide from these two Rookies. #sorrywerenotsorry

Whether we’re showing up to paint her front door lipstick red or sneaking in to decorate for Christmas (true story last year), Katie is a victim of DIY Playbook’s shenanigans over and over and over again. She claims she is NOT a decorating “enthusiast” but we would beg to differ. She may not enjoy the shopping/decorating/DIY process but man, she does a heck of a job!

When we were there to makeover her doors, I promised you guys that I would try to give you a sneak peek into what the house looks like behind those bright & beautiful doors. Well, well, well…. we finalllllly finagled her into agreeing to let us share! So today, we are here to share her charming Christmas decor and the Christmas tree that will make all fitness gurus take note.Katie's House ChristmasAnd she claims she’s not into home decor. Hmm….

… we are calling B.S. However, we really don’t know how Katie has any time to decorate in between teaching, coaching, running marathons, training for triathlons, and spending all of her extra time being active & healthy.

IMG_8241Katie’s a marathon runner and convinced her husband to run his first marathon by her side this past year. Because this was such a huge accomplishment for them as a couple, it was only fitting for these two fitness gurus to incorporate their love for running into their Christmas tree this year. Running a bazillion races throughout the year together definitely gave these two plenty of medals to dress up their tree.


Another thing we love about her Christmas decor is how she uses her mantel to collect and display Christmas Cards. We crashed her house before she had received many Christmas cards, so she uses the “SMITH” letters as placeholders until she receives enough Christmas cards to replace those letters. We love it!Christmas TourChristmas ClipRibbon + Clothes Pins + Cards = GENIUS!
Christmas CardsChristmas CardsKatie's HouseChristmas TruckNoelCoffee TableIMG_8186Christmas TourChristmas TourHow cozy is this space?!
IMG_8237Katie's House ChristmasOverall, we are so excited (and grateful!) she let us in to give you all a peek at her Christmas family room. Her bright and festive decor makes us want to move right in!

Katie… thanks for having us and for sharing your gorgeous home here on the DIY Playbook! More importantly, thanks for putting up with our crazy DIY ideas this year (and maybe next year too?).