Our 2014 Holiday Wishlist

Dear Santa,

We promise we have been very good girls this year. Here are some items we’ve had our eyes on. We may not need any of these items, but we sure would be happy to find these under the tree on Christmas morning.


The DIY Playbook Rookies


1. Hooded Jacket (Casey): I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I survived last year’s Polar Vortex without a heavy-duty, hooded, snuggly,warm, jacket. Well…I’m not making the same mistake twice. This year a winter jacket was on the very tippy-top of my Christmas wish list. I asked for a jacket that would go all the way to my knees and had a hood. As long as it has those 2 features (& is incredibly warm) I’m happy. Who cares if I look like a puffy snow monster. Fingers crossed I receive this gift…or else it’s going to be a long, cold winter for this girl.

2. Lo & Sons Bag (Casey): I recently learned about these amazing bags and after doing lots of research…I’m so impressed with them. Lo & Sons bags are great if you’re a gal like me and like to carry tons of stuff with you at all times. Their bags have so many compartments and can hold just about anything. My college roommate first introduced me to the company as I oohed and aahed over her weekend bag (She has the O.M.G. bag). I need a new work bag and this T.T. bag fits the bill. I know it’s a bit pricey, but this baby seems splurge-worthy.

3. Bracelet (Casey): These bracelets are also a new-to-me brand. I first found out about these fashion forward bracelets from the blogosphere. I mean how cute are those leather tassels? Yes please, I’ll take a dozen. 

4. Curling Wand (Bridget): I blame it on this post. Thanks to Cassie’s hair curling tutorial, I have had my eye on a curling wand. I typically use a straightener to curl my hair (tutorial here), but next year I would love to try out the curling wand. I heard there’s a learning curve though, so….. no promises.

5. Hair Dryer (Casey): Bridget has this hair dryer and it is the BEST. I spend so much time drying my hair (usually while thumbing through my Instagram feed) and I’m in need of a much more powerful hair dryer. Whenever I use Bridget’s I’m always amazed by how little time it takes to get my tresses tamed and dry. What am I going to do with all of my free time if I receive this gift?

6. Camera Bag (Bridget): If you only knew what I carry my camera around in now, you would know exactly why I put a new camera bag on my holiday wishlist. Yikes! A new camera bag would help me get my gear A LOT more organized while also making it more appropriate for me to bring my camera to functions and not look like I’m headed to a 7th grade sleepover.

7. Camera Strap (Bridget): This item is not a necessity by.any.means. Quite honestly, a new camera strap was put on my list for strictly fashion purposes and for no further function at all. I bought Casey one for her birthday last year and have loved hers ever since, so I thought this was my chance to add a little more “personality” to my blogging gear. Why not, right?

8. Life Planner (Casey): My trusted to-do list just might be my best friend. #SorryBridget. Seriously, I am such a list girl and love the satisfying feeling of crossing something off that never-ending to-do list of mine. This life planner is not only adorable, but it is full of tools to help organize your life and your lists. Plus it’s not too huge and I can toss it into my work bag with room to spare. So let’s hope Santa is nice and I get a personalized “Casey Finn” life planner this year.

9. Everyday Watch (Bridget): This watch is definitely a splurge and really puts emphasis on the “wish” part of “wishlist”. I already have a gold watch, which I absolutely love and wear almost all of the time, but I like this neutral watch because it goes with everything! The gold watch that I currently have goes with almost everything, but whenever I wear silvers or want to dress the look down, I end up watch-less. This neutral watch would provide me a watch to wear and LOVE with every look, plus the hot pink pops of color are just too fun not to love.

Bridget and Casey SignatureSo tell us, what’s on YOUR holiday wishlist this year?! We’d love to hear!!