Knock-off Kate Spade DIY Ornaments

It’s officially the DIY Mystery Supply Challenge reveal day and we cannot wait to show you what we created! If you remember from this post, we were challenged to really think outside of the box and come up with a budget-friendly ornament using a few  specific supplies. This fabulous & festive team of bloggers each had one week to use the supplies to DIY clear ornaments and then all share what we came up with TODAY!Mystery Supply Challenge

Honestly, we really struggled at first. We just felt like everything had been “done” when it came to crafty DIY ornaments, and we really wanted to do something a little outside the box yet still on-point with our “style”. That’s when we came up with the idea to re-create a very popular, yet very pricey ornament… but for less (a lot less).

We also knew we wanted this ornament to inspire our typical reader…a young woman with an eye for style! And as two girly-girls at heart, we decided Kate Spade would be the perfect inspiration. Here’s what we came up with…

kate spade ornaments{Knocked off from these Kate Spade ornaments}

We L-O-V-E the original ornaments by Kate Spade and knew wanted to recreate her look for less. These black & white ornaments are so very classic and we think they’d look amazing on any tree. Plus, they weren’t very hard to create.

white ornamentAll we did was spray paint the ornaments white, used liquid gold to paint the ornament tops gold, and then added the black detailing with our paint pen. Just go slow with the pen when creating the designs, but seriously you don’t need to be an artist to make these ones! We actually used faint pencil lines to eliminate some of the free-hand pressure because let’s face it… mistakes happen! white ornament paint markerFor the circles, we actually lightly traced the bottom of a double A battery over and over and over again until the whole ornament was spotted, coloring in the polka dots after all the tracing. Finally, we finished them off with colorful satin ribbon to add the perfect pop of holiday color.kate spade ornamentBut we didn’t stop there. We created another Kate Spade knock-off using the requirements along with some extra craft supplies we already had. Check them out…

IMG_7464 {this look knocked off of these Kate Spade Ornaments}

This ornament look wasn’t too hard to re-create either! You will need a few extra supplies including the liquid gold (again), gold sparkly ribbon, hot glue, painter’s tape, and mini bottles of spray paint.
kate spade ornamentsgoldJust like the first set of ornaments, we used the Liquid Gold we had to paint the tops of each ornament gold.

Then, you’ll need painter’s tape to tape around (approx) the center of each ornament. We found it helpful to also tape all the way down the ornament; this will protect the opposite color and will also create a “stand” for the ornament to rest on while it dries. Once the ornament is all taped, take your mini spray paint bottles and give the top of the ornament a good layer of spray paint.kate spade ornamentOnce the top color dries, go ahead and repeat that same process on the other half of the ornament. TIP: You do not have to make the line perfect in the middle with the tape/paint. If the paint lines do not match up or even overlay a tad… that’s completely fine. Once you attach the gold ribbon, any imperfections will be conveniently hidden!

When you carefully peel away the painter’s tape after “round 2” of painting, it’s time for the finishing touch! With a tiny bit of hot glue, we glued the glitter ribbon around the tape line to create the gold accent in the middle. All we had left was to pop in the gold tip and add the same satin ribbon we used on the first set of ornaments.kate spade ornament

Ta-da! We are left with colorful & glamorous Kate Spade knock-off ornaments that will definitely bring an extra pop of CHEER to our holiday! Speaking of a POP of holiday cheer, you have to go check out what the other bloggers came up with using the required supplies and putting their own stylish spin on this challenge.

kate spadeIMG_7464But before you go, we will leave you with one final thought. In the famous words of Kate Spade, “LIVE COLORFULLY“.

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Cheers to a colorful holiday season,

Bridget and Casey SignatureP.S. B’s Holiday Home Tour is up tomorrow!! Lots more colorful cheer on the way…


  • brittanymakes

    Ohhh! these look like the real thing! I love them!

  • Diana

    $30 for an ornament!!! Yes, I’d definitely go your route!! So cute!

    • Right?! We thought the same thing! That’s one expensive tree with all of those designer ornaments.

  • Summer Hogan

    Love and pinned!!!!

  • These are SPOT. ON. Love them!!! Beautifully done, ladies <3

  • They look so modern, so different, I just love them!