How to Organize your Electronic Cords

For being a blogger, I’m surprisingly “un-techy”. Like don’t even know how to work the DVD player without supervision from my husband un-techy. It’s that bad.

And because I’m so terrible with technology, I have a box of cords from all of our electronics and I have no idea what most of them do. I just hang onto all of them because someday I may in fact need a cord for a specific device, and I’ll have to go searching for its match.

Gray-Decorative-BoxThis unassuming decorative box holds all of our crazy cords, and it’s a big tangled mess. Jumbled-Cords

See told ya it was scary!Tangled-Electronic-CordsWith it being a new year and a fresh start, I figured it was finally time to tackle this mess once and for all.  So here’s how I tamed the beast…Clothes-pins-Washi-Tape

I gathered a few supplies to start organizing. Clothespins, a black pen, and some colorful washi tape. (I think I should buy stock in washi tape. I use it for just about everything!)

Label-CordsThe first step was the most time-consuming. I had to figure out what the heck each cord did and which electronic it went with. I plugged in so many cords, to so many random things around our house, until everything had a match. Then, I put a little piece of washi tape on the end of the cord and marked which device was its match.How-To-Organize-Cords

Then, I used a clothespin to neatly wrap each cord and secure it. Organized-Electronic-Cords

A clothespin might not be wide enough to hold really thick cords, but it should work for most of your electronic cords.Organizing-Cords-in-Box

After just a bit of time, all of my cords were tamed and back in the box. Gray-Decorative-Box

Now I can’t say that this little project made me more tech-savvy. I think I’m a lost cause. But it certainly made me feel accomplished, and I’m not quite as scared of this little gray box.