The Boys Take Over: Our Love-Hate Relationship

Matt: I am not a jealous man. Never have been, never will be. I will be the absolute first person in line to compliment another gentleman on his fashion sense or give accolades on the noticeable definition of his jaw line. Jealousy just doesn’t run in my blood!

Matt & Finn - The boys of DIY PlaybookHowever, ever since the The DIY Playbook was “put on the map” back in March of 2013, I feel like our wives’ eyes have been twinkling for something other than their significant others. As a man, you know the feeling when competition is on the horizon. Similar to a high school senior who catches his “blue-eyed beauty” having one more dance with her old “beau” at Prom, this feeling will without a doubt get your full attention.

Matt & Finn have a love/hate relationship with their competition for their wivesIn March of 2013, I knew that we had serious competition. Real competition. This competition doesn’t demand football on Sundays. This competition doesn’t convince you to go to a wrestling event. This competition listens to any genre of music you want it to (not just Springsteen). Lastly, this competition is the gateway into every single DIY Blog/Website known to man. It was clear to see we were losing. We were losing bad.

The boys' fierce competition - a laptopThe competition: The Laptop.

Casey and Bridget spend about as much time with their laptops as they do with their husbandsStanding 7 inches tall and weighing less than 5lbs, this bad boy has the stature of a defenseless paperweight, but the tenacity of a pitbull. When “fully charged”, this baby’s intelligence and fire power puts the boys of The DIY Playbook to shame.

1- We make nice dinners during the week. BUT The “Competition” tells us the origin of the recipe and provides a video to show us what we’re doing wrong.

2- We occasionally spell words wrong. BUT The “Competition” introduced the world to auto correct. Like attempting to hit a big league fastball with a toothpick, our chances are slim to none of “reigning supreme” with this “one upper” of a roommate.

The laptop's unassuming glow attracts the girls love and affection

Finn: Matt, I get it man…but I have to disagree. I am okay with the laptop crush and obsession. Casey is much like the swarming mosquito on a muggy New Orleans night, circling the bayou until she finds the warm glow of a device. Thankfully she does not get zapped to death by them, but she still cannot avoid the soft hue of an Apple screen. To this I say, confidently and with no fear, go right ahead.

 She will spend countless hours writing, researching, and working on the site and in the meantime, I am free! It takes a lot of the busy work away from me and frees me up to do what I want while making her happy, win-win. Every day I see computers and technology advancing at a rate much quicker than my dilapidated brain, so if she wants to be the tech whiz in the family, I am more than happy to oblige. I remember as a kid that my parents could not hook up the DVD player to the TV and I looked at them like they were Fred and Wilma FinnStone. (Holding for pun applause…still holding…curious why there is no applause…) Remember this was an era of red, yellow, and white AV cords connecting from the DVD to the TV, very straight forward and they could not do it.


 Oh how I am beginning to see the karma in my mockery as Bluetooth, wireless, and Bitcoin become part of my daily vernacular. I feel if I had a kid right now, by the time he (yes I said he, deal with it) was 4 he would know more about technology than I would. Point being, if Casey wants to be the leader in our crusade to be technologically advanced over our future kids, then be my guest.

 I can tell right now that Matt did not see me taking this post where I did. I like to look at the big picture and the future benefits of current activities, not getting caught up on the immediate impact. So while he may not be jealous of the laptop (lies!) he should rest easy knowing that the women are yet again covering another area that their husbands should be filling. First it was the hammer and saw, now it is WiFi and coding, either way I am cool with it. Besides, I am tall, handsome, hilarious and humble. It is not like a machine can replace me, right? Right?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, credit is given where credit is due. We are waving the white flag, but purely out of respect. Our ladies are having the time of their lives pursuing their passion on The DIY Playbook. The laptop provides all the tools (pun intended) necessary to give our girls the stage they need to showcase their talents.

For that, Mr. Laptop, we cannot thank you enough. Just remember though, as talented as you are, the girls of The DIY Playbook chose the last names of Matkovich and Finn. Check. Mate.