Hallway Board & Batten

This post has been in our drafts for just over a YEAR. I took these photos and planned to complete this DIY project last February, but the photos, the plans and the project were put on hold for a thousand different reasons. My dad is the veteran DIY-er that will be helping this Rookie DIY-er tackle this project, so we needed both of our weekends free and the stars just haven’t aligned to make it happen! (Weddings, vacations, snow days, other weekend DIY projects… you name it, it’s delayed the process)

I don’t want to jinx us, BUTTTTT  I’m pretty sure the stars are about to align. I couldn’t be more excited to report that we are about to tackle a mini hallway makeover after over a year of planning!

Our hallway isn’t bad, I just feel like it could use “a little something” in order to brighten the space and add some character. Plus, I have always loved the look of board and batten, so it seemed like the perfect place to bring this look into our home. That’s exactly what I plan on doing– adding board & batten down both sides of the hallway.

I was initially inspired by this post from Young House Love. Their hallway is very similar to ours and ever since I read their gorgeous, informative post/tutorial, I knew that’s exactly the look I wanted. Plus, they tackled their entire hallway of board and batten for under $100! What’s not to love about that plan?! Here’s a peek at the inspiration:

younghouselovePhoto via YoungHouseLove <– miss them!! =(

Gorgeous, right?!

I anticipate that the board and batten will brighten the space, while also adding a “custom” look on the cheap. At this point, just checking this project off the to-do list will be worth it! A year in the making… it’s gotta be good, right?!

So that’s the latest project we have up our sleeve around here. If all goes as planned, look for an update on the progress of our board and batten hallway here on DIY Playbook next week! In the meantime, have a great weekend! We hope you get the chance to check off something looming on your DIY to-do list too.

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  • Yay to getting long lost projects done! I think it’ll look great in the hallway! You may have just inspired me to put some molding up on my dining room walls, buuuuut may have a few more things to get done before that.

    • How exciting!! Let’s check these projects off our to-do list together. =)

  • Love the look of this! Wish we had somewhere we could do it in our house! And second missing YHL. =(

  • Allison

    Totally missing YHL. Was just thinking as I was pulling up your blog that I’m glad I found DIY Playbook to help fill the void left by YOungHouseLove. 🙂

    Loving everything I’m seeing from you guys!

    • Awww… you are WAY TOO sweet Allison. We could never fill the YHL void, but hank you! =) Glad you’re part of the DIY Playbook team!

  • Heidi Rew @ Parties for Pennie

    That’s going to look so good!! Can’t wait to see the “after” 🙂

    • Aww, thanks lady! Miss you!! Hope all is well with you =)