JoTote Giveaway!

Remember when we gushed about our newest camera bag crush, the JoTote?entrywayThose feelings were real and 100% NON-sponsored. We just genuinely love this product and were excited to share the bag that has totally brought function + fashion to our photography stuff with all of you.

Well after we posted, we got quite a few readers/followers commenting on how much they loved the bag too! Whether they were serious photographers or not, people spoke out about this cute & organized bag…. which got us thinking.
Camera Bag

If WE love this bag so much and our readers love this bag so much, why don’t we GIVE one of these amazing JoTotes away… FREE?! That’s exactly what we are doing here today. We are giving away one free JoTote to one lucky reader. Whether you use it for your camera, gift it to your fav photographer or just use it for your daily essentials, a JoTote of YOUR CHOICE could be yours by entering below!

Which JoTote would you choose?! <– hurry up and enter, the winner will be contacted/announced Sunday!

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Bridget and Casey Signature

  • Maggie Sutor (IL OT Mast 15)

    I would use it for my new camera I recieved for our anniversary!

  • Claudia

    Love the bag! I would gift it to my daughter who is so into photography

  • We think that would be perfect!! Casey actually uses hers as a purse/everyday bag.

  • beezus

    So, so, so cute! I would use the bag as leverage to get my husband to FINALLY buy me a decent camera. I’m sure, “I’ve already got the bag!” would be just what I need to tip things over the edge for me!

    • hahaha, that is AWESOME!! (Hopefully he doesn’t find out that you can use it as a purse too). #ourlittlesecret

  • Heather

    My poor camera needs its own bag. When I take it out, I have to stick it in my purse and that makes for some awkward times! I LOVE the Siena bag. I was torn between that and GA Nautical, but Siena wins.

    • haha, we TOTALLY feel you. Up until we found these bags, we were in that same exact spot!!

  • Jenny

    I have had my eye on these bags for awhile! I think the Hanover bag would be perfect for school and work! But, I’m also in love with the Abby bag!

  • Kendra

    I love the Somerset for daily essentials, and it looks big enough for my planner too!

  • Nikki Simmerson

    Bags! My favorite non-chocolate weakness! I love the Georgia Nautical and the Missy Mint, the color makes my insides flutter!

    • haha YES! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Good luck Nikki!

  • Kelly

    LOVE Jototes! I’ve been wanting one for years. I’d probably choose the same one as Casey, but I like them all.

  • Andrea

    I definitely need a better looking camera bag!

  • Lanna

    Love the Georgia Nautical! I live in DC and recently bought a new camera. Would definitely use this when being a tourist in my own city.

  • daniellesig .

    I would totally use it for travel. Love all the compartments!

  • Ashley

    I love this! Right now I carry my camera in my purse (and my husband wants to kill me lol)!

  • Trang

    OOOh, this is a tough decision. I like the one that Casey is pictured with. I can see me sporting that one.

    • It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been using it everyday for work and love it.


  • Planning a few trips this summer and would love to have a stylish camera bag to bring along!

  • Kjaydee

    I would LOVE one of these for my camera! I don’t carry my nice camera around nearly often enough, though I love taking photos, because I don’t have a proper camera bag. These are SO stylish and functional!

  • Annette Freeseman

    I’m in need of a new camera case so this would be perfect!

  • Rachel Uhrig

    I love the color of the Missy Mint bag!!

    • It’s so “spring” and such a refreshing color.

  • Jo Abella

    I just started blogging, am slowly amassing the tools of the trade (good camera, lighting, etc.) and my name is “jo”. (Couldn’t help but throw that in since the tote is called the JoTote!)

  • pinkjennio

    My husband and I love to travel and take photos, so this bag will go a long way to making me feel stylish (and less like a tourist) on our adventures!

    • haha..too funny about not looking like a tourist! You’ll belong with this bag!

  • Mila

    Id give it to my sister – shes the resident photographer!

  • ShannonMCC

    This would be An amazing Mother’s Day gift–something my mom totally needs (her camera bag is butt ugly) and something that she would never ever buy herself! ..that is if I don’t keep it myself. Haha

  • I love these bags and keep looking at them! I would use it to carry my camera around, along with other items I normally keep in my purse. Why carry two bags when you can condense everything into one?!

  • runningtall

    I’d use it to carry around my camera πŸ™‚ I tend to use socks and other squishy barriers to protect my camera in my regular purse so it would be amazing to have a bag specifically for my camera!

  • I would use the Missy Mint for EVERYTHING!!! I would be able to throw my camera and all my “normal” purse items in it and it would still be cute to carry! Love it!!!

    • It definitely works double duty for both purse items & a camera…good luck!

  • I would carry all my stuff in a jotote. All my notebooks, makeup, phone, camera, etc.

    • Good idea…it’s huge and can carry all your goodies!

  • I love the Gracie, I would just have to choose between the butterscotch and the mint!
    Oh, and finally pull the trigger on the DSLR combo that’s been in my Amazon wishlist for months. πŸ˜‰

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

    • Congrats on the new camera! How exciting πŸ™‚

  • PAM

    I love the rose sugarplum one.

  • Lucy

    i would use it for my (actually, hubby’s) camera so we will actually have a nice camera (secured in a stylish bag) when we go out.

  • Us nautical and fun!

  • Tara that sounds amazing and so creative. Love it!

  • haha! Purse items work too!

  • We agree..having a cute bag just makes it so much more fun to take more pictures. πŸ™‚

  • You would definitely be swooning with one of these! So many compartments and zippers for organization.

  • Amanda Scott

    I have a target purse that I use to hold my camera, but I would love a bag that’s actually made to hold & organize camera gear AND looks cute. Wanted one for a bit but since I’m just starting out I can’t really justify the purchase.

  • Lindsey Hammer

    I would to have the Georgia Nautical! I have been searching for a new camera bag and loved this one when you wrote the post!

  • Bridget Lessentien

    I would LOVE a camera bag! I always throw it into my diaper bag and it tends to fall out or end up with fruit snacks attached to the bottom πŸ™

  • Awww, thank you!!

  • Cassie

    I would love a new camera bag! I have a couple but nothing as cute as these!

  • Rebecca F.

    I would use this to hold my camera and my phone. This would be wonderful to have, especially when I travel. Love the Gracie Butterscotch bag!

  • Stephani

    I would definitely use it to replace my purse. Carrying everything I need and keeping my camera safe is a win win

  • Chantel Bardaro

    Would love to have this as my camera bag!

  • Neltje Ann Grandela

    OMG! LOVE this! I would use this for my camera and purse! Love the functionality!

  • Ali Thom

    I would love the Gracie or Allison! They don’t scream camera bag which I love!!

  • Melanie F

    Ohhh my sweet goodness… I adore these bags.. SO much! Love your Miss Georgia Nautical to pieces & the also the new Hanover is beautiful! I would love to have a safe place to keep my slr & my “mama stuff at the same time. Thanks for the super sweet chnace!

  • Emily

    Great giveaway- I would definitely choose the Allison in Butterscotch and I would finally have the proper bag to carry our camera along with everything else!

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    Aaah!! I need/want a new camera bag, these are ADORABLE! I loved the one you picked out! My fav would probably be the misty mint πŸ™‚

  • Jessica Alayne

    Such a cute bag! I usually throw my DSLR over my shoulder… not the best option!

  • Jill C

    I love the Georgia Nautical and the Rose Moss and the Rose Coral totes!!! Ahh decisions!!!

  • Absolutely my new camera!

  • Denise M

    i would use to carry the camera to disneyland with the kiddos

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    Love this!! Perfect for vacation!!! πŸ™‚

  • Linda Walker

    Would absolutely love to have one of these totes! Getting ready to retire soon and plan to take more photos. This would be a great bag for me to use to carry my gear and other things!

  • Love this idea!!

  • DearCreatives

    I would use it for my camera, lens and gear. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Jessica Madison

    Love this bag!!! I would TOTALLY use it for myself!!!!! Ive loved these bags for a long time!!!

  • Sean

    I would use it as my everyday purse to carry my phone, essentials, paperwork, iPad and camera. Love this!

    • It would definitely fit everyday essentials– Great idea!

  • Alina Conn

    I would most definitely use this to carry my camera and my phone in. Fashionable & Functional bag. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  • These are adorable! I think I’d have to go with Bridget’s bag…love the nautical look!

  • Amy Cheng

    love the bags! they look so fabulous and also so functional!!

  • Stacy F.

    …. I would actually LOVE LOVE to gift this to my step mother! She is having a hard time finding a functional and pretty camera bag and I showed her my Jo Totes bag and she loved it !

  • I’d use it as a daily bag to carry my DLSR around more, so I don’t miss photo opportunities!

  • I would use it to corral my camera stuff and actually take it out more since sadly mine is tucked away in the corner of my closet right now. πŸ™

  • a WIN-WIN!

  • Right?! It’s always fun to step outside that color comfort zone!

  • Haha Absolutely!!

  • Lindsay

    I take a lot of photos for work and would love an organized bag!

  • Amaura Cope

    I would definitely use these bags for travel. I can never seem to keep all of my things organized when I’m on the go. Maybe I’ll pick up photography someday, but these bags look great for any kind of organization. I love the classic, stylish looks of all of their bags!

  • Michelle Conn

    This is such a better option than cramming it my expensive camera in my purse. LOVE these!

  • I do a lot of photography around my house, but I’d love to get out more and explore a little. This tote would be so cute to take with me!

  • Amber Neal

    I would love to use this as a diaper bag for my little girl. I love that it is cute and functional with the dividers. Love!

  • Rust

    I’d use one of these beautiful bags for my carryon when traveling, for everything I want to keep close.

  • Love this – the bag my camera came with is so hideous. Would definitely take it around town more if it was inside this adorable bag! Great idea for a giveaway.

  • Amy

    Such a cute bag for travel or everyday!

  • Amanda

    Cute and practical for both the camera as well as fitting other items, Love the travel carryon suggestion!

  • justyenna

    I’ve been dying for a JoTotes bag! I’ve got a trip coming up and I would love to have it for me and my camera to travel with! Thanks for the opportunity

  • We’re going on a pretty big trip next month and it’d be nice to have something cuter and less bulky than my current one!

  • nadya kotik

    I am in love with missy mint! Now I want one of their bags. Never heard about them before.

    • They are fairly new to us too! And when we discovered them — we fell in LOVE!

  • My current camera bag is so clunky, and this would work so much better! Not to mention all of the stuff that ends up in my bag because of my 3 little munchkins πŸ™‚

  • I’d use it for my DSLR and lenses. πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    Could I use this as a real purse? Because I totes want to.

    • hahaha! Totes love this reply. Thanks for making us giggle Lindsay!

  • Jennyfer

    They’re so pretty, I’d love to use one for my camera and other essentials.

  • Janelle Bess

    Very cute bag. I would use this as a diaper bag since I can’t seem to find a “traditional” diaper bag that I like. First baby due this August! πŸ™‚

  • Rachel

    I love Bridget’s JoTote bag. It’s so stylish and can go with any outfit! So much better than slinging my Nikon over my shoulder. Plus who can say no to all the extra room!

  • Miranda

    Love, Would definitely use it to carry my photography gear in style!

  • Donald Doc

    I hope you people are aware that the word “jotote” means “huge faggot” in Spanish… Its an insult for homosexuals…