VIDEO: How to Get Stickers Off Glass

Earlier this year in this post, we told you guys that we’re planning to step up our video skills around here, and today we’re doing just that! We recently upgraded some of our video equipment and we’re having so much fun playing around with everything. So bear with us as we give this video blogging thing a go!

Today, Bridget shares a tried and true trick for getting stickers and price tags off of glass. Personally, I hate when you’re all excited about a new purchase and you can’t wait to display it in your home…but then you realize there’s a price tag sticker that just doesn’t want to budge.

You peel from one corner…it rips off a tiny bit and leaves 80% of the sticker on. So you work on a another corner, only to have the same thing happen. Finally you get so defeated that you strategically display your glass item so the sticky part is hidden. Please tell us we’re not the only ones who play this price tag game?! 

In this video, Bridget tells us how you can remove those pesky stickers (and their gross residue) with one simple supply. Take a look…

Magic erasers are seriously amazing. I think Bridget needs to buy stock in the company, considering the frequency with which she uses those bad boys.

We hope this little trick helps the next time you’re stuck with a large price tag on your picture frame or glass item.

Rookies – 1, Price Tag – 0. Take that!

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