Lowe’s Spring Makeover– Apply here!

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We’ve done our fair share of complaining about our loonnnngggg and brutally cold Chicago winter here on the DIY Playbook, but we have a confession to make. We recently found out that Chicago didn’t even make the “Top 10 List of Harshest Winters on Record”, which makes us feel like huge cry-babies!

bootWe swear it was cold, wet and just plain NASTY but the truth is we really should NOT be complaining. There are residents across the country who braved a much more brutal winter than us Chicagoans and deserve spring far more than we do. If you are from the following cities, you officially have the right to complain ALL YEAR LONG about surviving such a crazy-cold winter:

Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Detroit, MI
Hartford, CT
Louisville, KY
Nashville, TN
Newark, NJ
New York, NY
Portland, ME
Providence, RI

According to the Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index (AWSSI), these famous cities have officially made it on a VIP list of harsh winters and have been recently coined “Top 10 Bleakest Cities of 2015” because of their relentless winter. Congrats? We’re sorry? Happy Spring? Finally? <– we’re not even sure what to say.Lowe's

If you’re tuning in (and finally thawing out) from one of these cities (or nearby suburbs), today’s pity party totally has a silver lining — just for YOU. Because you (and your home) had such a rough winter, Lowe’s + 10 bloggers + a slew of volunteers are teaming up to provide a space in your hometown the Spring Makeover it so deserves. An entryway, your mudroom, the patio… you name it, Lowe’s is ready to pamper you and your much deserving space! 

Patio Before 4Patio AfterResidents from each of these cities can share their stories and spaces here. The Lowe’s team will review the submissions and choose 10 spaces to undergo a Spring Makeover Blitz and then we step in.

Once that weathered space has been identified (#punintended), each blogger will be assigned to a designated city and space that needs some Spring TLC. We will travel to this home, meet the family and team up with Lowe’s to carry-out the Spring Makeover Blitz…. in 24 hours or LESS! Because we only have 24 hours to make this happen, we won’t be doing any “hardcore” construction or renovating, just attainable decor solutions that can make a big impact. (Like these!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.23.59 PMInspiration via Lowe’sScreen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.24.36 PMInspiration via Lowe’s

If you are a resident from one of the listed cities (or nearby suburbs) and have a space in mind that could use some Spring TLC from the Lowe’s team, submit your story here & check out this fine print too:

– you must own the home
– allow photos of your home to be shared online <– name of the game.
– must be comfortable on camera and/or being interviewed by local media
– be able to keep tight deadlines
– must be 21 years or older
– must submit your home & agree to these terms
– must be available for two days consecutively

Rookie6If you’re not a resident in one of those “lucky” cities, you can still be a part of the Makeover Blitz! We will be sharing our journey over the next few weeks on Instagram, Facebook and here on the DIY Playbook. We will keep you updated on our design plan, reveal the dramatic before and after photos, and take you behind-the-scenes as we navigate this exciting 24 hour adventure.

As of this moment, we have ZERO idea which city we are headed to or what the space will look like, which is a tad terrifying for two SUPER Type A personalities who are always planning ahead. All we know is that we owe one of these cities some Springtime love, and in return, hopefully they’ll forgive us Chicago girls for complaining about our winter!

Until we find out where we’re headed, we would love, love, love it if you submitted your space!! In the most non-creepy way ever, we totally want to come over!

Bridget and Casey Signature

PS. the fun doesn’t stop with our makeover! There are 9 other bloggers tackling their own Spring Makeover Blitz. We’ll link to those reveals as they are shared, but here’s the line-up of all-star bloggers:

Beneath my Heart // Brooklyn Limestone // The Golden Sycamore // All Things G&D //
City Farmhouse // Our Fifth House // Liz Marie Blog // Pretty Handy Girl // Home Stories A to Z 

  • Trang

    Awww man! I don’t live in any of those ‘big’ cities to qualify. We didn’t have as bad a winter as the East coast (Dayton, OH), but it was still brutal for my taste and I’m loving the spring right now….with the exception of having to mow the yard 2x a week. So looking forward to see who the lucky soul that gets this make-over and to see what you creative ladies do! How Fun.

    • Woo-hoo Dayton! UD grad. =)

    • Trang

      Me too Diana! 🙂

    • Oh man, it would have been so awesome to come meet you and makeover your space! But no matter where we go, we’ll be showing you all the action and the (hopefully) dramatic before & after!

  • We’ve been planning a big backyard makeover this summer so looking forward to some inspiration!!

  • Zan Turner

    Was so excited to apply but when I saw Chicago was not on the list I was kind of bummed out! Ya’ll could still come here; My home could use some kind of a makeover!!! LOL!

    • We were surprised Chicago didn’t make the list either! It certainly was a chilly winter here!

  • Summer Hogan

    How exciting!! You guys are going to rock this! Good luck!

    • Thanks for the support, Summer! We’re excited 🙂

  • ShannonMCC

    How about Windsor, Ontario, Canada??? I can literally see Detroit from my house! DIY Playbook: International Edition!
    Excited to see some real-life transformations!

    • awwww…. we’d love to come to Canada, but I’m not sure if it counts as a “suburb of Detroit”. haha

  • Chaney

    Man, I need this makeover so badly! We live in Philadelphia though (maybe that’s a suburb of Newark, NJ? Ha.), but don’t own our home. I wish I could enter! Since there are no renovations, I wonder why you have to own your place? Looking forward to seeing the makeovers!

  • Rebecca Jones

    As soon as I saw the list of cities, I knew Plymouth, WI would not be on the list 😉

  • Kat

    I would like to apply for the next contest (hint, hint) surviving the hottest summers – Phoenix – with the Fall/Winter Makeover. what are the odds ladies?

  • Adrienne

    Any updates on winners? 🙂

    • Adrienne – Winners will be contact this week with more info!