Scrabble Tile Magnets

Today’s DIY project is:
1. Functional
2. Super CHEAP
3. Extra easy
4. Created using leftover tiles we scored at Habitat for Humanity
5. Inspired by Casey’s love for Scrabble
6. Takes less than TEN MINUTES

scrabbleBeyond the tiles (which you can probably buy super cheap at a tile shop), all you need are magnets, a permanent marker (or porcelain marker if your tiles are porcelain) and a hot glue gun. Now don’t blink, you may miss the whole tutorial.
scrabble magnetSimply draw a large letter and a tiny number on each tile. We got out our scrabble pieces and tried our best to replicate the look of the numbers and letters. Let that marker dry and hot glue ONE magnet to the back of each square. Literally, the hardest part of this entire project was trying to break the magnets a part from one another. Holy moley, you should have seen us. #circusactIMG_0707magnetForget words with friends, you and your family will now have a running game of Scrabble right there on your refrigerator! Plus, we think these letters could be a fun way to get the kids involved, especially if they are at the age of starting to read or being excited about their upcoming spelling test.

But wait, there’s even more to “LOVE” about these super easy DIY magnets.
polaroid cameraWe teamed up with Porch to capture some inspiration and have a little fun with a mini Polaroid Camera from Glazer’s. Our task was to capture pics around our home that inspire our creativity. #weareallcreative and find creativity in all different places around our homes & everyday lives.
scrabble magnetsAnd thanks to these adorable magnets, we are able to display some of our fun pictures right on the refrigerator! These magnets not only provide entertainment, competition and spelling practice, but they can also help display some of the exciting snail mail you receive throughout the week!IMG_0894Plus, we were able to display some of our household inspiration that feeds our creativity:

2. Having pretty plants & flowers growing inside
3. Our hunter boots representing the warmer Spring temps and hints of summer
4. Dream catcher = crafts and the opportunity to chase our passion
5. Color!!!
6. Mixing patterns
7. Peace = striving to create a home of peace, acceptance and pure happiness
8. Memories
9. Candy! <– A reminder to treat yourself… ya only live once, right?
10. Travel and the opportunity to see other places of the world, yet always have the privilege to come back to home sweet home.

scrabble magnetHow stinkin’ fun are these mini pics paired with these magnets?! Don’t look too closely at our pics though. These old fashioned cameras definitely don’t flatter our photography like our friend Instagram does. Only one chance to capture the perfect shot?! Instagram spoils us.  But it was fun change it up with some old school photography for a day!
IMG_0707Love Porch magnetSending lots of love to Porch for challenging us to travel back in time to capture things around the house that inspires our creativity. What inspires your creativity?!
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  • Mila

    Is there a Habitat for Humanity ReStore somewhere in the Chicago area??

    • Mila,

      We usually go to the one out in Joliet. We haven’t been to one in Chicago, but if you find a good one… let us know!

    • Actually Mila, we totally forgot that a Habitat for Humanity Restore recently opened in the city at 6040 N Pulaski. We haven’t been yet, but I’m sure it’s great!

    • Mila

      as luck would have it, I was driving down Devon just a few days ago when I saw the sign! I’m very excited!

    • Oh awesome! Let us know how it is!

  • These are so cute!! What a fun idea, now to get my hands on that cute camera!