Faux Wood Flower Boxes

As promised, I’m back … and WAY more positive today! Although these flower boxes were a very frustrating DIY, I am super happy with the result and excited to see how they add extra color and curb appeal to our house this summer. Without further ado, let’s focus on the happy ending of this project.IMG_3660

IMG_3714 If you are wondering what kind of flowers I put in each of the boxes, that makes two of us. Funny story actually. Matt and I went to the local hardware store to pick up these flowers <– we went against the rule of not planting before Mother’s Day & took our chances since our house had to look “Spring Ready” for a little video project Casey and I recently worked on. (More details on that soon but long story short, a team of 10+ peeps squeezed into my tiny house for a day full of filming videos. One of the fabulous ten being a HGTV host <– we have a lot to catch up on, coming soon. We promise).

IMG_4525Anyways, Matt and I were shopping for flowers on one of the first nice days in Chicago, and of course, so was everyone else in the neighborhood. Holy crowded. Crying babies, couples fighting, moms stressing. We get it, trust me. But we vowed that we would NOT let the crazy, stressful parking lot and attitude-y shoppers bring us down. Not on the first gorgeous Saturday of May– not worth it!IMG_4454


We made a pact in the car to have fun with the process and avoid all stress. Meaninggggggg…. If Matt wanted those flowers– SOLD. If I wanted these flowers — SOLD. We didn’t try to figure out what would look good where or how the flowers would “coordinate”. We just bought what caught our eye & did absolutely no pre-planning or stressing.

IMG_3689I have no clue what each flower is or how they will (or will not) coordinate with each other.  All I know is that they bring color, life and a smile to our faces. Plus the adventure of picking them out and planting them was FUN and one we did t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. For that, I LOVE all of these plants and don’t really care what kind they are or how they may or may not coordinate as they bloom.IMG_3685IMG_3639IMG_4459IMG_3655

IMG_4433In the past I have saved the little labels that come in the soil of the plant container to reference and I think I’ll probably do that again using this super simple DIY strategy. But to be completely honest, it’s been so crazy around here with the Lowe’s Reveal, traveling to Buffalo, and filming that I haven’t even gotten around to it. But the good news that it’s on my summer break to-do list and summer break starts in 2 days!

****My plan is to check back in with the progress of these flower boxes at the very end of the summer. I’ll let you guys know if it’s still a love-hate relationship between me and the DIY-ed flower boxes or if it eventually grows into a “Happily Ever After”. I’m hoping for the latter.


*For the tutorial on how to create these faux flower boxes, click here!

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