Gallery Wall Updates

About a year ago I revealed my office desk area, which was a combination of two $6 Goodwill Cabinets and a DIY wood desk top (more details here). Little by little over the past year I have taken pieces off of the gallery wall to use in other parts of the house, until eventually this wall had random bare spots.

What a hot mess. That’s when I realized I needed to regroup and get my office act together so I could start utilizing this space again <– because who can get any work done on a messy/cluttered/incomplete desk? Not me.

The left picture was last year’s gallery wall and the right picture is the current state of the office, too bad I didn’t get a pic of what it looked like in between… yikes.

IMG_3006-001I’ve been trying really hard to use what I already own instead of buying new so a lot of the frames on the wall are ones that I had around the house. The frames are a collection from IKEA, Target, HomeGoods, and JoAnn wall officeThe new look feels simpler (not that I didn’t love the old look). Some may say this version is a  little more boring, which I get and am totally okay with. <– am I so lame?

gallery wall officeinsta prints frameOne of my favorite parts of the new gallery wall is this frame. I love that I was able to frame a few of my Instagram prints. It was so simple to do yet something about it wins me over every time. We actually used this square frame + insta prints for Maggie’s Condo Makeover. If you like it here, I’m pretty confident you’ll love it at her place. Hint: Instas in the kitchen! Imagine that. #walkingonthewildside

white framebasketball frameAnd if you have been reading the DIY Playbook for awhile, you know design COMPROMISE is always a part of the conversation around here since both of us share our homes with our handsome hubbies. This basketball print– a definite design compromise. This is actually a page out of a large coffee table NBA book that we have (hidden in a drawer). I love that Matt really enjoys it AND it works in this space. Although I can imagine other prints I’d probably love up there more, I also realize that he could be asking to frame something a lot worse. So an artistic take on his favorite sport… I’ll take it (and LOVE it)!IMG_2990Matt also loves the idea of framing photos of our travels, which totally works in my playbook!  #WINWINgallery wall officeThe tulips and make-up brushes…. maybe not so much of a design compromise. Haha, I think Matt is just excited the gallery wall is back in order and I’m back to work in the office (and not everywhere else in the house except the office).
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PS. I need some advice. I’m thinking of possibly painting the $6 Goodwill Cabinets this summer… any advice? Possibly white? maybe grey? Leave them as is? I definitely want to add some new hardware. Any ideas are welcome!

  • Mila

    I’d love to see a post (if there isnt one already) about using thrift store frames. Im challenged by the fact that most of the ones i see are either missing glass, or a mat, or are professionally framed and thus harder to take apart or some combination of all the above.

    • Great idea, we should look into that!! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Thanks so much, Sandi. We are so happy you found us & joined the DIY Playbook team. And love the turquoise idea!

  • Katie

    Hmm what about a shade of blue, similar to the color you use to sign off with your name at the end of the post? Or like in between that shade and your front door color. Or if that’s too much, a combo of white and wood (maybe a lighter stain) similar to the end table in Casey’s living room. I like that the cabinets are a different color than the walls/trim, it sort of “grounds” it if ya know what I mean.

    • Love your ideas Katie. You’re right…a tealish/blue might look really good (& fun!) in there.

  • Lauren Anderson

    I love the dimension and contrast that the wood gives! Plus for being $6 goodwill finds they seem to be in GREAT shape! And they tie in the mirror on the side wall. I vote leave them as is 🙂

  • I like the little makeover! Maybe the top of the desk seems clearer, or the frames are more uniform, but the version 2 is definitely my favorite too.
    I was wondering – what is the ledge holding the makeup brushes/tulips? I’m seeking something about that size, and would love a DIY tip or a source! merci!

  • Hi Bridget,

    If you’re going to paint the cabinet you might try Southern Honey Chawk Paint, it’s made by Southern Honey Workshop. We’ve been REALLY happy with their brand on our pieces.

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    July 1 we’ll launch WALLERIES in the iPad app store.
    With Walleries you can accurately hang a wall gallery without using a tape measure or doing any math!

    It’s pretty SWEET!

    I hope you’ll check it out at WALLERIES.COM