An Estate Sale Score

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Last week, we chatted about an awesome company that is totally changing the way we shop estate sales…Everything But The House.

Remember all of these finds from their site?

Well, today we are back with a treasure we scooped up at one of their Chicago area sales….EBTH-mirror…a huge, antique mirror!

But before we get to the mirror, let’s chat about how we found this little gem. When we found out that EBTH was coming to the Chicagoland area, we were ecstatic and immediately started combing through their current sales.

EBTH-mirror-online-biddingThat’s when this beast of a mirror caught my eye. It was large, had gorgeous lines, and could add a hint of glam to one of our homes. The going rate for the mirror at the time? $1…with bidding ending that night!

I immediately emailed Bridget the link and we decided we should bid on it.

THE BIDDING: We’re both total rookies when it comes to online bidding. We’ve never really purchased anything on Ebay, and the thought of entering a bidding war makes us both a little nervous. But we’re not gonna lie…this bidding process was super easy and actually FUN! I was  in a workout class during the final hour of the bid, so Bridget held down the fort and went toe to toe with another online shopper. I got so many texts from her throughout the process…Text-Convo

The bidding started at $1 and after some back and forth, we got the mirror for $30. What a score.

THE PICKUP: When you purchase an item from a sale, you can either have the item shipped directly to your front door (you have to pay shipping), or you can pick it up on-site. When checking out the sale on the EBTH website, they will list a time/date/location for pickup. We noted the pickup location, and Bridget & Matt trekked up to Northern Chicago to get our amazing find. (Wow, I certainly owe her a big one. She bid on the item & drove all the way up to get it?!) Not to mention I got this sweet picture of Matt debuting our new mirror!

Matt-holding-mirrorOnce they arrived on-location, Bridget said pickup was a breeze. Someone greeted them, found the mirror, loaded it up in the car, and they were heading back home 5 minutes later.

THE FINAL RESTING SPOT?: Now that is the ultimate question. For now, it’s hanging out in our apartment and since we’re out of our rental next month…I’m waiting to hang it. I think it will get a wonderful spot in our new home this fall. Perhaps hung on the wall in an entryway? Or resting on top of a dresser in the master bedroom?

Gold-mirror-edgeI’m still not sure if I’ll paint the outside of it or not. It might look good in a bright white? Or silver? Or fresh gold?

mirror-edgesNo matter the color, I think this heavy, high-quality mirror will find a spot in our home. And you simply can’t beat the $30 price tag! Casey-in-mirror-ebthcasey_sig



  • Summer Hogan

    Wow, what a great deal! I love this concept.

  • Heather

    What an awesome find! We have one running right now and there isn’t much on there I would get. Until next week I suppose

    • Yeah it’s always good to keep checking back to see what’s new on there!

  • Elizabeth Rice

    Don’t paint it! it’s absolutely PERFECT as-is.

  • Emily Dunham

    Such a great find!

    • We totally agree Emily! Can’t beat $30 for a huge mirror

  • Bidding wars and furniture pickups are what best friends are for… well, that and chick flick marathons. 🙂

    I vote: don’t paint.

    • I’m lucky to have a friend like Bridget! And thanks for the advice…that seems to be the general consensus.

  • Trang

    It is gorgeous! Great score girls. I thought about bidding on something on EBTH site last week, but the pick up was further in Cincinnati than I wanted to go. Plus, it would’ve been an impulse bid (and we are practicing the baby steps of when to buy and when to pass right?) and I didn’t have a actual place to put this table & chair set.
    I also vote to leave the mirror as is. It’s got a lo of character and beautiful the way it is.

    • Thanks Trang! And I’m happy you’re working on less impulse buys! You go girl.

  • What a find! I love EBTH. I’ve gotten several pieces from them, but my favorite is a vintage steer skull. I wish they would come to Raleigh though so I didn’t have to pay shipping! 🙂

  • That is an awesome find!!! And for $30!! Did Casey find a house?? Because I’m strangely looking forward to moving posts and all that…

    • haha you’re good at reading in between the lines Diana! There may be one in the works, but I don’t want to jinx anything so for now I’m keeping mum here on the blog. But the moment things are final…I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

      And yes…I am sooooo looking forward to moving out posts, moving in, picking paint, buying furniture, decorating….


    • Fingers crossed it works out!!

  • Chelsea Price

    I read your post about EBTH last week and was SO excited, I scurried right on over and started bidding before I read any terms/conditions of the site. I live in Iowa and am pretty far from any of those places listed; no big deal, I figured I’d just pay the shipping. NOPE. The shipping totaled $311 for a glass bottle and two wicker baskets. So now I’m trying to figure out how to cancel the charges 🙁

    It really is an awesome website, but I wished I lived closer to Chicago so I could pick up and bypass the high shipping costs! Or they should expand to more cities 🙂 You really can find some amazing deals, though.

    • Oh nooooo Chelsea! We hope you’re able to get things straightened out. That stinks!

      And yes…seems like they’re expanding all over the place fairly quickly, so hopefully some will be coming near you very soon.

  • Gotta love it! What a score.