Felt Ball Rugs

This past spring, we had the opportunity to team up with a pretty amazing company called Felt Ball Rugs. We’re guessing you’ve seen these rugs displayed in some gorgeous homes on the internet. If not…here’s a little eye candy for you.BolletjesKleed rond 160cm kleurnummer 58Felt ball rug with pattern - new design tool (1)Rond Raw Earth BolletjesKleed

These nubby, unique, and often colorful rugs are ideal for nurseries, playrooms, and small living spaces. But I’m totally burying the lead here. These rugs don’t just look amazing…they’re helping to do some pretty amazing things.still-felt-ball-rug-71

Felt Ball Rug empowers women in Nepal, yes Nepal…the impoverished nation recently struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which killed over 8,000 people. Nepal has one of the poorest economies in the world and the literacy rate for women is roughly 45%, compared to 72% for men. Felt Ball Rug wants to change that! The company trains and employs local women in Nepal, paying their employees roughly 2-3 times the average pay for the area. Not only are these women able to provide for their families, but they’re able to work from home while caring for their families and their wages help send their children to school. How awesome is that? still-felt-ball-rug-45Here’s a video to give you greater insight into the company and the positive impact they’re making in Nepal.

still-felt-ball-rug-64So clearly this company is helping to do some good in a struggling part of the world, and how can you not get behind that? But we’re also pretty darn obsessed with their product. Each rug is handcrafted and made from 100% New Zealand wool.felt ball rug

felt ball rugPlus, you can completely customize a rug to fit your home decor. Choose from their 40 color options, select the shape and size, and even design a pattern for your particular rug. felt ball rug

felt ball rugWe’re loving this neutral rectangular rug, but think a multi-colored one would look spectacular too! Why not add a bold pop of color to your floor?Royal Purple bolletjeskleed 80x100cmfeltballrug-with-pattern

We incorporate products from all kinds of vendors into our homes..big box stores, local shops, vintage markets…but it really feels good to promote a company like Felt Ball Rugs. If you’re in need of a rug, we encourage you to check them out and do some good just by shopping online! Bridget and Casey Signature