Our Travel Essentials

We’re both staying around Chicagoland for the holiday weekend, but we know many of you may be doing some traveling to celebrate 4th of July. If you are (or have more travel plans this summer!), we thought it might be helpful to share some of our travel essentials. Now we’re no world travelers, but we’ve been doing our fair share of traveling this year both for the blog & in our personal lives (Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco, Buffalo, NYC, Mexico, Denver…)

Bridget-Casey-Travel-NYCHere’s what we always include when it’s time to pack up our bags & go!

Bridget’s Travel Essentials 

Casual Travel Essentials


Chicago Hat: Love, love, love this Chicago flag hat from Standard Goods. Hats are always a go-to when traveling, but beware when the TSA make you take off your hat to get through security…. Holy bad hair alert!!

My Favorite V-Neck: If you run into me anytime during the summer, there is probably a 99% chance I’ll be wearing this v-neck. Grey, black, navy, blue, striped, anchored– I have this tee in almost every color. I get ’em at Old Navy for less than $10 and always bring a collection with me while I travel. Comfortable + Versatile + Takes up almost zero space in the suitcase = a travel must.

Converse: If I’m rocking that tee, I’m probably rocking these converse too. These puppies have become my go-to, which is probably not a fashion forward choice but I just can’t help it. LOVE THEM! Plus, I love wearing these through the airport. Heck, I may have bad hair going through security, but I do NOT have bare feet. #thankgoodnessforsocks

Watch: This is just an easy way to try to “dress up” the tee + converse combo. Plus, being able to check the time is always a plus.

Camera Backpack: I heart my JoTote camera bag, but this JoTote backpack is hands down my favorite travel accessory. It’s not always the most sleek item, but because it has so many compartments it allows me to keep all of my camera stuff, laptop, chargers, and mini toiletries packed & organized. I usually bring this as my carry-on and if I have this with me, I probably don’t have a purse. Wearing a backpack may be a little 90’s, but it’s so darn comfortable.

Laptop: If I’m traveling on a blog trip, I definitely have my laptop in my backpack. The JoTote has a compartment for the laptop, which makes bringing it along for the ride such a breeze. I slide it in the back and love having it accessible on long plane rides.

Camera: Same with my camera, love having this with me in my JoTote backpack. Plus, there are a ton of compartments for chargers, cords, extra lenses, etc.

File Folders: This is HUGE for me, especially when I’m trying to stay organized while traveling. I usually print out my itinerary and keep it in a file folder in the laptop compartment. I also keep important documents, ticket stubs, receipts, etc. in this file folder throughout the trip. When I get home, I know exactly where to find these documents that I may need to reference.

Vera Bradley Make-up Bag: Vera Bradley is spot on with pretty much all of their bags because each bag has so many compartments. (You know we love bags with lots of compartments around here!). I usually put all of my make-up and mini toiletries in my Vera Bradley make-up bag and know that it will stay nice and organized.

Travel Jewelry Organizer: Casey gave me this travel essential for my birthday a few years ago and I LOVE it! It’s like a wallet, but it holds all of your jewelry in a compact, very organized way. Plus, she had my initials engraved on it, so I love it even more. Thanks lady!! <– still love it =)

 Casey’s Travel Essentials

Casual Travel Essentials II

Mesh Bag: This is actually a new item for me that I recently added to my suitcase. It’s a little mesh bag to hold all of your “intimates.” It’s a great way to keep your dirty socks & undies separated from your clean ones. When I get home I just throw the entire bag filled with all of the dirty clothes right into the washing machine.

Lo & Sons Bag: I gushed about this bag back in this post, and I’m still loving it. It’s absolutely perfect for travel because there is a zipper on the back that opens up so you can slide the entire purse on the handle of your rolling suitcase. Genius & makes me feel extra cool when I travel.

Passport Holder: Bridget got this for me for my honeymoon and I love it. Great spot for your passport, plane tickets, and my favorite…drink coupons!

Wide Brimmed Hat: I got this for our Mexico trip and it was a great purchase! Hides dirty hair and makes getting ready a heck of a lot easier. Only hard part is keeping it from getting crumpled in my suitcase…any tricks there?

Oil of Olay Sunscreen: My go-to moisturizer everyday of the year..not just on vacation.

Sperry Boat Shoes: These are seriously the comfiest shoes ever. I wore them walking around Seattle everywhere and my feet never hurt. Great if you want something kinda cute & kinda comfy!

Jean Jacket: I’m always afraid I’m going to get chilly on the plane or at our destination…so a light jacket is a must for me no matter the time of year. This Old Navy jean jacket is super inexpensive and I love the stretch to it.

Scarf: I usually forget to wear scarves in everyday life, but I always bring one on a trip. It keeps me warm on the plane and can jazz up any basic outfit.

Southwest App: We are Southwest fliers all the way and I always check-in 24 hours before our flight using my phone. The app is awesome and it helps me not be C54 for every single flight.

Playing Cards: Whenever I travel with Finn, he loves to bring playing cards along and I have to agree that it’s a pretty awesome idea. If you’re stuck in the airport, cards can certainly pass the time. On our recent trip to Seattle the 4 of us played cards at night to relax. Throw some playing cards in your suitcase and you won’t be sorry!

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Speaking of traveling, we hope you all have an amazing 4th of July Weekend! If you’re headed out of town, have fun and be safe! If you’re staying home… still have fun and be safe! See you on Monday party animals!

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