Casey’s New Home: Before Pictures

On Monday, I revealed the big news…


…we’re homeowners! When we officially gained access to our new 2 bedroom condo, I had one thing on my mind…BEFORE PICTURES!

Yep, I’m trying to be a “good blogger” and document our transformation of this space every step of the way. So while this place is still empty, I took some time to capture it from every angle. I’m not gonna lie…we have a lot of work ahead of us. Some things we’ll tackle before we move in at the end of the month, and other items are a little lower on the to-do list. Either way, we’re gonna be busy new homeowners. And I couldn’t be any happier about that!

Augusta-Floorplan.21 PMSo here you go. Our new place in all of its BEFORE glory. You’ll have to look past the green walls, awkwardly placed light fixtures, flooded window treatments, and shiny yellow floors to see the one thing we see….potential. (I snapped most of these pics, but a few are from the MLS listing of the condo. i.e. The photos with furniture in them.)


Family RoomAugusta-Kitchen-Before.45 PM

Family Room/Kitchen (MLS Photo)

Guest Bathroom (MLS Photos)kitchen-before-pictures-augusta


Augusta-Master-Bathroom.23 PM

Master Bathoom (MLS Photo)

Master Bathroom


guest-room-augusta-beforeGuest RoomMaster-bedroom-augusta-beforeMaster-bedroom-doors-augusta-beforemaster-bedroom-green-augusta-before

Master BedroomAugusta-Balcony.47 PM

Balcony (MLS Photo)

There are so many things I love about the place….the high ceilings, crown molding, natural light, and large living space. But there certainly are plenty of things on our immediate to-do list (Kermit the Frog called….he wants his green walls back). Tomorrow I’ll be back with more details on what we’re changing and I’ll also give you guys a detailed gameplan for how we’re going to handle our new home’s transformation here on the DIY Playbook. Get excited, people. It’s makeover time!casey_sig

  • Summer Hogan

    Can’t wait to see what you do to this places! That balcony!!

    • Thanks Summer! Yeah the balcony is going to be an interesting space to design with that angle! Any good ideas for me?

  • Trang

    This is an awesome space Casey! So very happy for you. You & Bridget are going to make this new home SPECTACULAR! I can’t wait to see all the progress and share in your excitement for the new challenge(s) that lay ahead. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post now.

    • You are the sweetest Trang! Yes, lots of work to do…but also lots of potential. We have our work cut out for us!

  • Emily Dunham

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to read along as you make changes. Congrats!

    • Thanks Emily! The changes are happening already! Can’t wait to show everyone.

  • Heather

    So happy for you guys!! Super excited to see more!

  • Erin

    the balcony!!!! the layout is quite interesting but there is so much potential! i do like the open living space — that’s essentially what i really want!

    • Yeah isn’t it a little crazy with the balcony on an angle? That will definitely pose a design dilemma, but I’m excited to figure it out!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs In

    Why oh why did their Realtor advise them to paint those walls?! Oh well, I’m glad they didn’t since that means you two got it! Congrats! Can’t wait to see the process πŸ™‚

    • hahaha right?! I think a lot of buyers couldn’t look past that color, which like you said, helped us out!

  • This place has GREAT potential! Can’t wait to see what you do to it! Oh, and the strange length curtains are killing me more than the kermit wall haha

    • OMG right?! Flooding…like major flooding. I ripped them down on Day 1 of homeownership.

  • It’s got such great bones!! And it’s so nice that there are good finishes too–I love the bathrooms & kitchen! So excited to see you make it into a home. πŸ™‚

    • I totally agree Jaclyn! Great bones and lots of good to work with! It will be fun to really make it ours.

  • What an awesome space! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!!

  • Alison

    We used to live in Chicago, but moved to the east coast a couple of years ago. Love seeing Chicago in your posts (even when it’s just a little snippet of the sidewalk!) and your condo reminds me of our first in Lincoln Square πŸ™‚ Congrats and good luck!

    • I’m so happy to give you a little glimpse back into Chicago! I’ll have to take more neighborhood pictures for the blog when we move in πŸ™‚

  • Oh I LOVE it! Really interesting layout. And that master bathroom is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how you transform the space.

    • Thanks so much! It’s gonna be fun to make it our own!