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Last week I had a hot dog for dinner 4 nights in a row and it’s not because I love hot dogs that much. In honor of Labor Day, I thought I would step back from DIY to give you some insight on where you can find me during the months of Late August + September + October when I’m not teaching or blogging (and it’s not working in a hot dog stand). #beenthere #donethat

I have officially traded my carefree summer schedule for a back-to-school schedule that is pretty darn busy. I’m DEFINITELY not complaining (this girl actually loves being busy), I just thought this insight will help you understand why Casey’s post are dominating the schedule lately (best blog partner ever!!) and why my projects are smaller and fewer (until the end of October when I plan on stepping up my weekend warrior DIY game).golf

As most of you know, I’m a high school special education and family & consumer sciences teacher (aka Home Ec teacher) by day. What most of you may not know is that after my 7-3 day in the classroom, I pack up my stuff and head over to another high school in our district to coach the Girls’ Golf team. From about 3:20 until sunset, you can probably find me on the golf course. On “game days” I usually don’t get home until about 9pm, which explains the hotdogs for dinner… on repeat.golf8-001

Since as long as I can remember golf has been a huge part of my life. I am from a family of 3 girls and our dad introduced all three of his daughters to the game of golf at a very young age. As we grew up, we spent countless summer evenings goofing around on the golf course with him and slowly improved our game in the process. As we got older, we became a little more serious about the game. My older sister and I would head up to golf course almost every summer morning when we were in high school (at like 5:30am!) and sometimes even again in the evening to play.

We all played high school golf together and all eventually got jobs at that same golf course. After we started working, we naturally spent less time practicing and more time working (together we have grand total of 29 years of work experience there — and none of us are over the age of 30). That job saw us through high school, through college and even through the first several summers of our first teaching jobs. Now, all three of us are high school teachers….all three of us still golf for fun…. and two of us coach high school golf teams (not against each other, thank goodness).golf balls

Needless to say golf makes up a huge part of my life, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to share this passion with a group of young ladies through coaching. But let’s be honest here. Leaving the house at 6:30am and not coming home until after dark definitely does not lend itself to extra time for DIY-ing. Thankfully I have a ROCKSTAR blogging partner who is totally picking up my slack. She’s made this transition so much easier for me and I could not be more grateful. While she’s busting her butt at her day job, in her new place, and behind the blog, you can find me grabbing a Snickers at the halfway house and heading out to the back 9.   <— if only it was that easy.golf shoes golfball

Jokes aside, I love what I do but I do NOT “do it all”. I have an amazing blog partner, an extremely supportive husband, the best parents in the world, one-of-a-kind sisters, great in-laws and hardworking co-teachers that help me juggle “it all”. Please don’t be fooled. It’s very much a team effort around here and I have one freakin’ awesome team…. both on & off the course.

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  • Summer Hogan

    Wow! It’s great to hear others stories of how others juggle it all! I never feel like I’m juggling very 🙂 So cool you and your sisters are all close and have such similar interests!

    • Thanks Summer… but I definitely don’t “juggle it all”! I’m with you, sometimes I feel like I’m barely juggling anything!

      And Yes, I am EXTREMELY lucky to have sisters who I also call best friends.

  • Love this Lindsey!! I think I need to change my background too… you can never have too many reminders =)

  • Trang

    I find it neat when women like golf. It appears to be such a male dominated sport. My kids’ father is a local golf professional and his hours during the golf season are ridiculously long. Sadly for him, neither one of my kids play the game which leads me to ponder sometimes if that is disappointing to him. I have tried to get my daughter (who’s 13) to get into the sport since hardly any girls play and there are so many unclaimed scholarships each year. Unfortunately, she’d rather ride on the golf carts up and down the hills really fast to experience the tickle in her stomach than play the game.

    • Hahaha, your daughter is NOT alone!! But wow, a dad as a pro golfer is definitely something to take advantage of! If she’s not interested now, this may not always be the case as she has plenty of time to take up the game & enjoy it for the rest of her life. Thanks for sharing, Trang!

  • I’m interested to hear what your degree is in since you teach Family & Consumer Science! It’s something I’ve looked into for awhile now.

    • I got my bachelor’s degree in Career & Technical Education (CTE), which is the umbrella over Family & Consumer Sciences, Applied Tech and Business Classes. I obviously specialized in FACS. (Secondary Education). <– LOVE to hear from fellow FACS enthusiasts!! If you ever have specific questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at [email protected]. I would be happy to answer what I can =)