The Struggle Between Pretty vs. Real

We’ve been in our home for a little over a month now, and I’ve shown you guys bits and pieces of our new space. But in all honesty, I’m really struggling when it comes to sharing room shots that aren’t perfect or done. Yes, we’ve made some serious progress around here but I’m still months and months away from any room reveal or styled after shot, and because things aren’t perfect….I’m hesitant to share.

Right now there is nothing hung on the walls…because I’m afraid I’ll hang a frame and then hate its placement.

Bare dining room walls and an empty spot where our dining room table should goRight now we have a huge space that is just begging for a dining room table…but I’m still waiting for inspiration for which dining table to purchase.

Curtains hung with painters tape, waiting for a final decision on treatmentsRight now  we have curtains taped to the windows with painter’s tape….because I haven’t chosen window treatments yet.

Yep…things are faaaar from perfect. In reality it’s still a big, chaotic, work-in-progress.

I’ve chatted with Bridget about how it’s so hard for me to want to take pictures of spaces that aren’t styled. What if someone pins an in-progress shot? What if someone judges my boxes on the floor or stack of frames taking over that corner? It can be scary sharing photos of rooms we absolutely adore and consider “finished,” so you can only imagine how incredibly nerve-racking it is to share photos of a space that is still in the beginning stages. No fresh flowers? No poufy pillows? No styled vignettes on every surface? The horror!

Boxes full of artwork, pictures, and decoration waiting for their new homesBut in all seriousness this isn’t a magazine, this is a blog about our real lives and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Yes, I love gorgeous after shots and I’m eager to have every nook & cranny of our home looking amazing. But the best part of any home decorating process is the journey towards that end shot. The thrift store visits with your BFF. The time spent trolling Craigslist to find the perfect chair. The hours spent emailing back and forth with your mom asking her for her opinion on the new rug for the living room. That’s the fun part. That’s the part I love most about DIY and home decor. Sure I love enjoying the completed space, but what I love more is the story behind each piece in the room.

Plus, I haven’t exactly been taking my own design advice. I think it’s essential for anyone living in a new space to really live in the space for awhile to figure out exactly what they need. You might think you want a chair for that corner, but in reality a dresser would be so much more functional. Decorating is a process and it’s important to go slow so you don’t make any design decisions you’ll regret later on. <—easy to say…hard to practice.

Working on window treatments with makeshift painters taped-up curtainsI’ve decided to change my attitude. Instead of moaning and groaning saying, “There’s so much to be done around here!”, I’m changing my tune to, “Look at all that we’ve accomplished in our new home!” And I really feel like this applies to everyone looking to make their house more of a home.

Perfectly placed accent pillows give a little hint of a put-together roomWe all look around our homes, thinking we will love it even more once we replace the couch, or once we get around to adding that backsplash, or whatever is next on the long home to-do list. We think we’ll be happier, more content, once that item is checked off our list. But in reality, we should celebrate all of the hard work that got us to this point. It’s the small victories that lead to that big win.

Planter basket with a wicker basket and an area rugSo that means that you’re gonna get a little more real life and a little less eye candy around here. And it all starts on Friday, when I show you the amazing new rug for our master bedroom.  It’s the first step towards curating a master bedroom that my husband and I both adore. The rug is perfect, the rest of the room needs some TLC. But hey…that’s a-okay.