Our Fall Fashion Favorites

Besides the beautiful foliage, pumpkin-flavored everything, and the crisp temps, our favorite part about fall is the fashion! Don’t get us wrong, we love summer sundresses and sandals, but there’s just something about throwing on a scarf and boots that make us actually excited to get dressed for the day ahead!

We certainly are not fashionistas, but if there ever was a time to chat about our clothes…it’s in the fall.Bridget fall beach

So here’s what we’re currently crushing on this season…

Sharing some of our fall fashion favorites

Our Fall Fashion Favorites

Bridget’s Fall Fashion FavoritesBridget Fall Fashion Mood Board

  • Hat (similar): Bad hair day? This bad boy has got you covered… literally. Love throwing on a hat for a long day and this super affordable hat dresses the outfit up without much effort. #winwin
  • Trench Coat (similar): I actually scored my trench coat from banana republic outlet for like $30 and I wear it all the time. I love it because I can wear it to work, but also wear it on the weekends. It’s the perfect mix of casual meets professional. (Is that even a thing?!)
  • SUPER comfy wedges <– I teach in these all day long and never once have sore feet. They are SO comfortable and honestly, I get more compliments on this exact shoe that I get on all my other shoes put together. Students, co-workers… literally all ages compliment me on these comfy shoes.
  • Favorite V-neck Tees (I have this shirt in literally every color) I buy the V-neck t-shirts from either Target or from Old Navy and I’m literally obsessed. If it’s the weekend, there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll be wearing this shirt in one color or another.
  • Scarf Does this fall staple need an explanation? I like having at least one plaid scarf and one neutral scarf to mix and match throughout the season. I have found that there’s not really an outfit in my closet that won’t match with one of those two options.
  • Boots LOVEEEE these. Comfy, dry, & fashionable. I’m not one to “splurge” on myself when it comes to fashion (or anything really) so when I got these as a birthday gift from my super trendy little sister, I was so excited! Several years later… these boots still look brand new, and that’s even after I’ve worked in the yard with them quite a bit (oops). They are a definitely a worthy investment in my playbook!
  • Flannel (similar) <– 40% off! That same little sister introduced me to wearing the flannel around my waist on warmer fall days with a t-shirt dress or layering on a tee for a more casual look or even layering it under a sweater with a skirt for work. Love the versatility of this fall staple.
  • Watch: I’m not one to wear much jewelry, but I really do like a neutral, feminine watch. This Nordstrom Anniversary sale watch was a steal and quickly became a regular in my wardrobe.
  • Converse: If I have my weekend tee on, you can bet that I probably have my converse on too. These white converse are my weekend go-to’s. Comfy, versatile and a true classic as far as I’m concerned.
  • My Favorite Accessory this season: my camera: I’m far from an experienced or talented photographer, but man oh man I just LOVE taking photos. Practice makes perfect, right? … or at least better… hopefully? #thatsmyplan

Casey Chicago Wall Art

Casey’s Fall Fashion FavoritesCasey's Fall Fashion Favorites Mood Board

  • Hooded Jacket (similar): I wear my green hooded jacket almost every day. It’s so comfy, I love the leather shoulder pads, and the hood definitely comes in handy.
  • Leather Jacket (similar): Throwing on a leather jacket instantly makes me feel a bit more put together. Love this one.
  • Jo Tote Bag: I carry a lot of stuff around with me (you can never be too prepared!) The compartments on this bag keep everything organized, instead of in one tangled heap.
  • Black Leggings: I own about 4 pairs of leggings (all from Express) and I wear them constantly during the cold months. So comfortable and can certainly be dressed up or down.
  • Express Portofino Shirt: Again, another staple in my closet. I have this shirt in about 5 colors. So flattering on every body shape and perfect for work.
  • Bootie (similar): I used to be all about the tall boots, but I’m now obsessed with booties. So cute with skinny jeans or leggings. I also have the Toms wedges Bridget mentioned above and I wear them constantly. Seriously sooooo comfy, I can walk around the city all day long in them.
  • Gray Sweater: Big comfy sweaters are my fav.
  • Berry Lipstick: I usually swipe this on when my hair is in a top knot and I’m rushing out the door. Lipstick makes me feel like I can take on the world!
  • My favorite accessory this season —> Gold Monogram Necklace: I got this necklace last year when I officially became Casey Finn and I’ve worn it just about every day since. I also got one for Bridget and she wears hers all the time! It’s the perfect delicate gold necklace, and who doesn’t love a good monogram? And you can’t beat that price tag!

What are you currently loving this season? Any fall fashion favorites we should know about? We’re taking notes…