Framed Home Blueprint Art

This just in. One wall in our home is no longer bare!

Augusta-Hallway-ArtOkay, wait, scratch that. I suppose I do have the city art hung in our master bedroom over our new dresser

Master Bedroom New DresserSo now I officially have 2 items hung on our walls! #babysteps

Wall Art Augusta Blueprint

So what exactly did we hang? Well, to explain I need to back track all the way back to our closing day in August. Folded Blueprints Close

We signed a big ol’ check (gulp), were given keys to our new home, and headed straight to our new place to officially walk inside as homeowners. The old homeowners left us a nice neat stack of information regarding the unit right on our new kitchen island, and as we rifled through we found (to our delight!) that they left us with the blueprints for the entire building.Blueprint Building Augusta Signature

These worn pages were back from 2004 when our entire building was planned and built. Blueprints of Building

Each page featured 1 floor of our 3 level building. Holding Blueprints

I immediately knew that I wanted to frame our unit for inclusion in our new home. What a cool piece of “art” to put on our walls?!Framed Blueprint Augusta Art

I found the large white frame from Michaels, and used a coupon to get the price down a bit. I like it because it has a nice thick border, which makes the worn pages pop against the white. Second Level Blueprint Augusta
I love hanging this in our home, but it will be even more special when we someday move onto another home (in the distant, distant future!) and can look back at this place with fond memories. What a cool keepsake we will have forever. Hallway Art Augusta

2 pieces of art on the wall…many more to go.

And if you spy with your little eye a certain dresser on that short wall, I will be dishing about it tomorrow on the blog. So stay tuned…


  • Ana Da Silva Simoes

    Love love this idea – its better then the whole 1st key thing – our 1st key didnt last very long as we had to change the locks soon after we moved in – so not so sentimental but blueprints thats an awesome idea.

  • Great idea! We’ve got some old wallpaper scraps from decades ago that we found when renovating our 90+ year old house. I keep meaning to mount them on a board and frame it for a wall in our house somewhere. It’s truly original art and so meaningful!

    • That is an amazing idea! Love it Laura. You should definitely frame them.

  • YOU READ MY MIND! I’ve been trying to do this just this week with ours, but the home was built in 1920 so it’s a bit trickier! I don’t know if I should make one myself and colour it to look older, or if I should drop the cash at the registry office for a copy of the original.

    • You should totally do it! I wonder how much the originals would be? Might be worth it. Much less expensive than a brand new piece of art for your walls!

  • What an amazing find! — and all hail the Michael’s coupon!!! 🙂

    • hahaha right?! I love the 50% off sales too. I usually don’t buy anything until that little sign is up 🙂

  • Oh I really like this! I wonder if our builder will give us the blueprints once our home is finished (or at least a copy). I’d love to hang something like this in the entry.

    • You should ask for them! Great keepsake to have.