Greetings from Chicago: New Home Announcements

We’ve been in our new home for over a month now and besides the not-so-glamorous sides of homeownership (water leaks, dishwasher repair, etc.) we LOVE having a new place to call home.

Because we’ll be in this spot for quite some time (unlike our other more temporary housing situations), I want to make sure all of our family & friends have our updated address. So I knew that new home announcements were definitely going to happen around here.

But the big question? What kind of announcements should we send?

new home announcement paint swatchI absolutely adored Bridget’s FREE home announcements that she made from paint swatches, and as much as I wanted to copy recreate her idea…I thought I should do something a bit different.

PostcardsWe have a thing for postcards in our household. In fact, every single trip I go on I grab a postcard and fill out the back with details from our vacay. Our pile of postcards is growing, and it’s awesome to be able to sift through and relive some of our favorite memories.Postcard-bowl-001

So to celebrate our postcard love, I ordered some Chicago postcardsGreetings from Chicago Illinois Postcard

I found them online and ordered about 30 of them. I was planning to just write a message on the back with our new address….but when ordering I saw that you could add text for FREE. So I put our info directly on there and had them printed that way. New-Home-PostcardsChicago-Postcards-001

Now all I have to do is address them, put a postcard stamp on (which is cheaper than a normal stamp…winning), and send them off to our favorite people!

Chicago PostcardsI adore this idea, because if you’re in any (fairly big) city you could recreate these announcements for your home.


chicago postcard new home annoucnementsI ordered my cards from Zazzle for a little over $1 a piece. They have some sales & discount codes, so be on the lookout for those if you need to get a bunch of postcards! Or you can find postcards for your city on Etsy or at any online paper retailer. I think it would be really neat to find some vintage postcards for your particular city and maybe send out different ones to all of your family & friends. More work…but would definitely be a special touch!

Greetings-from-Chicago-Postcards-MovingSo now everyone officially knows WE MOVED! Let’s just hope we don’t have to send out another new home announcement for a looooong


  • As a past Chicagoan, I LOVE these postcards! So awesome that you could type directly on them! Hope the move went well!

    • Thanks Lindsay! Still getting settled, but we’re getting there 🙂

  • That is such a great idea, Casey! They look adorable.

    • Thanks Elise! Super easy to make & I like that anyone living in a city can recreate them!

  • Summer Hogan

    Great idea about the postcards! Love!

  • Sahra

    such a cute announcement! I might think about it for our next move (it will definitely be out of the country)!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra