Guest Bathroom Progress

Yesterday, we chatted about our gameplan for our guest bathroom. Today, we’re back with a little progress report.

Here’s our updated to-do list:

  • Paint (We went with Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray. Read more about the paint in our new home in this post)
  • Remove Basic Mirror & Add one with more personality
  • Remove Pendant Lighting & Add Vanity Light
  • Move Outlet to More Convenient Location
  • Change Hardware on Cabinet
  • Install Toilet Paper Holder & Towel Hooks
  • Install Shelves for Storage over Toilet
  • Hang small hand towel next to new Mirror
  • Accessorize & style bathroom
  • Find new shower curtain that is the correct height
  • Clean up grout lines
  • Add personality with accessories
  • Hang Art

Before we even moved in, I hired a handyman to tackle a few things on my list.


LIGHTING: The pendant light was the first thing to go! In a bathroom with no window, lighting is key and this pendant wasn’t emitting nearly enough light. So I had the handyman remove the pendant light and patch the hole in the ceiling. I then ordered this vanity light from Lowe’s (I wanted something simple with a high wattage!) and had him install it.  It’s unbelievable how much brighter this space is now with a light above the vanity. Soooo worth it! 06-guest-bathroom-mirror-before-painting-taped

MIRROR: Remember the mirror B & I found over the summer for only $30? Well it finally found a home! I know everyone wanted me to keep it as is, but there were so many chips on this thing and it was begging for a nice coat of paint. I taped off the mirror and gave it a coat of semi-gloss white (the same used on the trim in our house). It made a world of difference! I then had the handyman remove the builder grade mirror in the bathroom, and install this one instead! With the new mirror in there the space was already looking much more custom. 5-augusta-bathroom-progress-mirror-lighting-shower-curtain

SHOWER CURTAIN: I found an XL shower curtain at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (read more about choosing the right size from this post) and hung it high in the bathroom. That immediately made the space feel bigger and the ceilings higher. 2-new-bathroom-outlet

MOVE OUTLET: The outlet was built-in to the mirror, so when the handyman took out the old mirror we had a small problem. If we hung my new mirror, the only bathroom outlet would be covered. He was able to move the entire electrical outlet a few feet to the left and down. Now it’s in a much better location. And I have some plans on how I’m going to hide this little eyesore…4-towel-hook-bathroom07-augusta-bathroom-progress-over-toiletHANG TOILET PAPER HOLDER & TOWEL HOOKS: These were easy updates to the space and added some much-needed storage for the essentials.

(Rookie Tip: If you have zero wall space, consider adding a hook to the back of your bathroom door for towels. No…not an over the door one. Instead drill a regular one right into your door. Just be sure you don’t drill to the other side! Measure twice, drill once!) 

These little updates have made SUCH A BIG difference. I can barely remember what the space looked like before. It’s just so much better now.1-augusta-bathroom-vanity-sink-bowl

Even if we still have a bowl sink that my husband loathes.

Before we get to the fun part (finding new hardware for the cabinet, hanging items above the toilet, and accessorizing!), I plan to clean up the grout lines because they’re looking pretty gross and dirty.

Once that’s completed, I’ll add my finishing touches and this space will be d-o-n-e…for now. 12-augusta-bathroom-progress-guest-vanitycasey_sig