The Best Blogging Advice We Received All Year

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One of our favorite parts of this unexpected blog journey is the chance to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for all things home. It may sound cliche (or even corny) but connecting with readers or other bloggers who enjoy topics such as decor + DIY as much as we do makes us happy… plain and simple. The chance to talk about paint colors, decor accessories, or even design dilemmas is FUN for us (nerd alert?!) and makes us appreciate this little ol’ slice of the internet even more (if that’s even possible?!).

Courtney from A Thoughtful Place

IMG_8712One person who stands out in our minds as being not only creative, passionate about the same things we are, and uber talented but more importantly KIND, SWEET, COMPASSIONATE, HUMBLE and SUPPORTIVE is our friend Courtney over at A Thoughtful Place. We’ve been following her blog since before the DIY Playbook was born and were excited for the chance to meet her when our blog paths crossed this past summer. We met her at the Michael’s Makers Summit and immediately hit it off. Whether it was the fact that both Casey & Courtney shared an Alma-mater (Go Irish!), the fact that these two blondes have the exact same initials, or maybe it was the fact that Bridget co-teaches with one of Courtney’s best friend’s sisters everyday (how did we not know that before?!)… we were meant to be friends.

But beyond all of that, we think we really hit it off because Courtney is sweet, humble, kind, confident, compassionate, hardworking and fun… the exact type of people we choose to surround ourselves with every day.

The Best Blog Advice

athoughtfulplace image via A Thoughtful Place’s Fall Home Tour

Basically, she rocks. And to top it off, she gave us the best blog advice we have received all year. As we talked “shop” and compared “notes”, her advice to us rookies was the importance of “staying in your own lane” and always doing what’s best for us, our blog, our lifestyles and our families. It’s not about numbers, or traffic, or anything else that comes with the “blog” territory, but instead it’s about loving what you do, being proud of what you do, and sharing your passion to help inspire others to do the same.

IMG_4680-001Yes. Yes. and Yes!! That’s exactly what we take pride in here at the DIY Playbook and hearing another blogger, who we respect so much, say those same words was reassuring… and quite honestly, inspiring! Don’t get us wrong, we love, love, love following other blogs, reading the latest updates, and getting the DIY scoop in the “field” (hello?! That’s exactly why we started the DIY Playbook), but we also know that it’s most important for us to stay in our own lane throughout this journey.

AH-HA MOMENT: We continuously strive to do what we love, own what we do, and most importantly…. have fun while hopefully inspiring others to create a home that they love. And yes, we do want to stay in our own lane because our lane is the only one we need to ever be concerned about.

IMG_4726-001Thank you, Courtney, for not only being someone who continues to inspire us, but for reassuring us that it’s important to “stay in our own lane”. We love that you not only share this advice, but you live it and own it… every day.

IMG_4656As a tiny thank you for offering us the best advice we got this year, we are sending you none other than some DIY supplies! We know you love DIY-ing with those adorable kids of yours, so we hope as a family you can tackle this easy DIY project (all supplies included in one package!), hang this hand-made project, and be reminded that you are an all-STAR and really made an impact on us this year. Sincerely, we thank you!


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IMG_4662Whether you’re thanking someone who made an impact on you this year, showing a special person in your life a little extra love, or even just cheering up someone’s holidays…. you should definitely check out this unique (and convenient) option.IMG_4668In the meantime, we are sending lots of love (and DIY supplies!) to our dear friend on the west coast. Courtney, we hope your holidays are filled with all of your favorite things… you deserve it!