B’s Dining Room Plans

Ya know that feeling you get when you decide you need a haircut and then from that moment on, literally all you can think about is how awful your hair looks and that you can’t stand to look at it one.more.second until your stylist works her magic? THE WORST, right?!IMG_4338

Well that’s exactly how I feel about my dining room right now. One day I looked at it and immediately realized it needed some DIY attention… ASAP. From that moment, I couldn’t stand to wait around, BUT just like when you wait until the last-minute and your hair stylist is booked for the next few weeks, I had my own schedule conflicts to handle before kicking off this project.dining room table

  1. I need my dad’s help for the board & batten and his weekend schedule was booked #socialbutterfly
  2. I was coaching golf so my nights and weekends were also booked
  3.  I’ve had a really hard time finding/deciding on a rug + chairs. I’ve been SEARCHING for months now and didn’t want to start the project until I had a definite plan… and all the pieces.

But NOW it’s finally time to take this dining room to the DIY beauty shop! Here are the problems I see with the current space and the changes I hope to make…Dining Room Before

  • BIGGEST PROBLEM – Dark/Matchy, Matchy: The table is a dark statement piece (and one that I love) but paired with the dark mirror, the dark light fixture, the dark chairs, and not to mention the whole dark kitchen next to it, I was feeling like I made a BIG rookie mistake pairing all of this together. The space is WAY too dark (especially since I’m not a fan of anything dark) and it was too matchy-matchy… something I didn’t realize was a ‘thing’ when I moved into our house and bought all of these pieces. #fail

SOLUTION – Add White and Airy/Mix & Match: The space has a mini window, so I want to highlight the natural light it gets while also literally bringing more bright white into the room. I hope to add white board & batten, white curtains, and white chairs. <– No more dark! I know not everyone will love the look, but I’m excited to pair chairs that don’t typically “go” with this table to eliminate the matchy-matchy look. Plus having white chairs next to this bold table will hopefully make the table a focal point.

  • PROBLEM & SOLUTION – No Layers/Coziness:  The room is just bare to me. How have I lived with it this long without adding curtains?! I think adding fabric to the space will help bring more warmth and coziness to the dining room. The board and batten will also add some more detail and depth to this otherwise very plain jane room.
  • PROBLEM & SOLUTION – It’s not “me”: As my style has evolved, I am left thinking that this space isn’t really “me”.  The bold, the dark, the rustic… not really me. It hasn’t really been touched since we moved in and now that we lived with the space for awhile, I’m ready to move forward with some changes. Since we have an open floor plan, I think changing this space will make a big difference throughout the entire front of the house. It will brighten the space and make it “flow” better with the bright living room and the board & batten hallway.

Here’s my vision:

Dining Room Mood Board

Dining Room To-Do List:

  • DIY Board & Batten
  • Hang Curtains
  • Find New Rug
  • Add new seating to brighten the space
  • Revamp the bar cart
  • Accessorize

I can’t wait to team up with my dad this weekend to get started. If all goes as planned, I’ll have some updates for you guys early next week and hopefully a reveal (too ambitious?!) soon after. I just can’t even wait another minute to get this party started and share all the details along the way!
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