Dining Room Board & Batten Progress… yay!

Sometimes you gotta take two steps back before taking one step forward, right?! In terms of our dining room… it looks like that is very much the case.

Like I mentioned last week, this previously neglected room needed a little time in the DIY beauty shop for it to eventually become the light, bright, and less “matchy-matchy” space I envisioned. BUT before any big “reveal” comes work…. lots and lots of WORK. <– which is where we are today.

My AH-MAZING dad (and favorite weekend warrior partner) came over last weekend to help me translate my inspiration into a reality. <– gotta love dads! He brought the muscle and the brain power, I brought the donuts, the consistent positive reinforcement, and LOTS of questions. One day I hope to be able to tackle these hardcore DIY projects (like this board & batten) alone, but for now, this rookie still needs a coach her dad.

Dining Room ProgressThe first thing I did to prep for our weekend work marathon was measure the space, sketch out the “look”, and then roughly outlined the design using painter’s tape. This helped me nail down exactly how material we needed to pick up on Friday night. #punintended

Sidenote: Sorry for the crazy colors and terrible quality of some of these photos. While working, it was hard to stop and remember to take photos (eek.. bad blogger!). And when I did stop and take photos, I just snapped a photo and didn’t worry about lighting. With the light/sun changing all.day.long, the photos are less than amazing but I think you’ll still get the point. #oops 

IMG_4868-001After that was figured out, Matt and I cleared all of the furniture/accessories out of the space so that nothing would get dirty, and we would have plenty of “work space”. Unfortunately, our dining room table was too big and too heavy to fit somewhere else in the house so we ended up moving it as much out of the way as we could and taping it off to protect it.

Dining Room ProgressDining Room ProgressOnce my dad came over, we got to work measuring, cutting the boards in the garage, and using a nail gun to secure it to the wall. <— If you want more details on this process, check out this post and this post.

IMG_4880Since we’ve teamed up on this similar look in my hallway & in my bedroom, we actually moved more quickly than we thought.Dining Room Progress

For those of you who are looking for details on this look, here’s the specific product/measurements of everything. If I missed something, let me know and I’ll add it:

  • The top horizontal piece is 1×4 inch MDF board and it’s hung approx. 74 inches from the ground (to the very top of the board).
  • The second horizontal piece is 1×3 inch MDF board and is hung 60 inches from the ground. (leaving a 10 inch gap between the bottom of the first board and the top of the second board)
  • The third horizontal piece is 1X3 inch and it’s hung 17 inches from the ground (leaving a 41 inch gap between the 2nd piece and 3rd piece)
  • We also took off the base board and hung another 1×4 inch board behind that. We needed to do this so that the vertical boards would sit on the new “insert” rather than hanging over the original base board. After all the boards were hung, we hung new baseboard + shoe.
  • The vertical boards are 1×3 inch MDF board and are hung 22 inches apart from each other. These boards were cut to fit in the spaces between the already hung horizontal pieces and instead of measuring every single vertical board, we hung the first one and used a 22″ board template to measure the next one.

Once all of the boards were secure, it was time to fill the nail holes with puddy, caulk all of the seams, and paint both the top of the wall and the ‘faux’ board & batten. We used Sherwin William’s White Satin enamel for the white paint and painted the top of the wall the same color as it was before, which is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. 

Dining Room ProgressFull disclosure: So far we have two ((full)) days of work into this project, with another few evenings thrown in there for measuring, prepping the material, moving furniture, cleaning up, etc. Our whole house is a HOT MESS and there is a serious layer of dust covering …well… pretty much everything. <– lovely, right? BUT to be perfectly honest… I’m totally okay with that, all of it. I could not be happier with the progress of this room and as always, love spending the weekend working alongside my favorite “Hall of Fame DIY-er”. I am confident that in a few days, we will finalize the remaining details, get our furniture back in order, and give this little ol’ house of ours the deep clean it needs.

dining room chairs Oh, and speaking of furniture…. let’s talk about how EXCITED I am for these new chairs to be added to the mix! They came in the mail (already built!!!) this week, and I can’t wait to add them to the space. They’re a little outside my comfort zone, and I’m a little nervous because Matt says they remind him of the Golden Girls’ sunroom. BUT I’m pretty sure that they’re just what we needed to ditch the brown/matchy-matchy look I hated so much.

For the record though… Matt LOVES the Golden Girls so I’m choosing to take that last comment as a huge compliment. But if we’re being 100% real here, these chairs came BUILT, which means Matt automatically LOVES them… A LOT. #noassemblyrequired <– wins every time in his playbook.

diy_dining_room_makeover_reveal-089Stay tuned, hopefully more dining room updates coming soon!

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  • Loving this look. I’ve been trying to figure out how we’re going to design our breakfast nook. This is definitely a contender. We have a lot of very open space and tons of light to come in but I like the idea of keeping the space bright and inviting. This looks like a lot of work tho! haha

    • Thanks Kimi! Yes, this will definitely add LIGHT + BRIGHT… and wow, I can imagine it would look pretty amazing in a breakfast nook.

      And you’re right, it has been some work… but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. #atleastihope

  • This is going to look amazing! I’d really like to try this somewhere in my house!

  • ellen ross

    Love!!!!! Bright spaces make me happy
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  • Kjaydee

    I think Matt means lanai, not sunroom 😉