DIY Mistletoe

We love a good holiday tradition here on The DIY Playbook. Like our annual Christmas card, or our December Cookie Day, we look forward to celebrating every single moment of the holidays with the ones we love.

And this year, we’re incorporating an old fashioned tradition into our holiday decor. this DIY Christmas Mistletoe isn't the traditional idea of mistletoe

Some DIY mistletoe! I mean who doesn’t love this little “kissing ball” and the smooching that happens because of it?

We couldn’t find any store bought mistletoe that went with this year’s gold & silver holiday decor, so we decided to DIY our own! You can head on over to Classy Clutter to read the full story & get the step-by-step instructions for this easy project.

this modern take on mistletoe is elegant and perfect for a party

Now we want to know…do you partake in this holiday tradition? Who would you smooch under your own little kissing ball?

casey and finn under the mistletoe

Matt and Bridget under the Mistletoe

Bridget and Casey Signature