Our Dream Guest Bathroom

Earlier this week, I showed you the simple tweaks & updates we made in our guest bathroom to make it reflect our style and personality a bit more. It’s certainly an upgrade from where it began when we moved in back in August. But I can’t help but dream of the day when we can do a full-on renovation in there. I’m talking new vanity, shower, toilet, tile….the works!

Since we just put a very large down payment down for our condo (cha-ching!), we still have quite a few more pennies to save before we can start any renovation plans. Quite a few might be an understatement. But hey, a girl can dream right? So today I want to share my design plans if I had an unlimited budget. So let the dreaming & scheming begin.


Source – Studio McGee

707CordovaStreet-Dallas-TX-75223Source – Hooked on HousesSMP Living Bathroom

Source – SMP Livingbeadboard bathroom wallpaperSource – Julie Nightingale

Elements of Style Bathroom

Source – Elements of Styleclassic-white-subway-tile-and-vanity-bhgSource – BHG.com

What do all of these photos have in common? Well, it’s safe to say I have a love for light & bright spaces. Marble makes everything better, and I love the look of some classic white subway tile. And I’m totally digging the idea of bringing in some character on the walls. Whether it’s through ship lap or beadboard & wallpaper. The bathroom should be a place to have a little fun when it comes to design. All of these inspiration photos give me some major bathroom envy.

But my dreaming didn’t stop there. Nope. I wanted to see how I could completely reconfigure our little space to someday implement some changes. That’s where BuildDirect’s new Design Center came into play…

DESIGN CENTERbuilddirect-designcenter-bathroom-edition

I’m a sucker for playing around with spaces just for fun, and this new tool on BuildDirect.com makes it so easy. drawing-room-dimensions-builddirect-design-centerTo get started, I measured all of the walls in our bathroom and then added the room dimensions right into the Design Center. I included our existing doorway and toilet setup into tool, in order to make the space as true to life as possible. adding-doors-plumbing-builddirect-design-centerOnce you get that all set up, it’s time for the fun to begin…builddirect-design-center-select-fixturesNext, I added all of the main fixtures into the room. I decided to try 2 options. One with a bathtub (our current plan), and one with just a shower. You can even customize each fixture in terms of size & type. layout-design-center-options-builddirectThe Design Center then automatically generates potential layout and design options. Here’s an upgraded version of our current setup. builddirect-2d-bathtub-modelbuilddirect-3d-bathtub
Not bad, right? I love how you can customize the finishes and even choose wall colors to really picture the potential in the space. This option would definitely be less expensive than this next one, specifically because the plumbing is already in the same spots. It would just be a matter of improving the materials in the space for a more glamorous/luxe feel.

Here’s another option…with a little reconfiguring of some of the main fixtures, and a shower instead of a tub/shower combo. Shower-2d-model-builddirectbuilddirect-3d-showerAgain, another awesome option. I think it would also be a great idea to make the door a pocket door or sliding barn door, so it wouldn’t cut into any room within the space. Don’t mind me…just daydreaming over here!

This tool was soooo much fun to play around with, and it made me see the potential for this small space. Plus, if we ever do decide to renovate this room…I already have options for new floorplans all ready to go!

And because I love looking at pretty finishes & color combos. Here’s a little mood board for my Dream Bathroom.


Casey's Dream Bathroom Plan

I’m hoping this post will convince that husband of mine that a bathroom renovation will be well worth it someday. I mean how can he say “no” when I have such a nicely laid out plan?!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to add a small slice of my dream bathroom into another area of our home. Yep, our kitchen is getting a little TLC with some new BACKSPLASH.  More details coming your way soon!


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