A Gold, Silver & Glamorous Christmas Tree

We are approximately 53 days away from Christmas…. but hey, who’s counting?! When the Michael’s Makers team explained that November’s challenge was to debut a fully dressed tree, we too had a mini freak out (@#$%?!) especially when we found out that all of the Michael’s Makers’ Dream Trees would be shared TODAY… November 2nd. Instead of getting our tinsel in a tangle, we made a plan, turned on our favorite Christmas carols (it’s never too early for Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You”) and got to work creating a tree that actually turned out to be exactly what it was supposed to: a dream tree.IMG_3327

Since I (Casey) am still in the process of getting organized in my new place and I (B) have some mini dining room construction on the immediate to-do list, we decided to spread the holiday cheer by heading over to Maggie’s condo. Other than the fact that Maggie will now have to live with a Christmas tree for a little longer than she probably anticipated, she was super excited and agreed to let us invade her space (…hopefully for the last time. #eek).


We used her existing color scheme and the overall “feel” of her glam space as inspiration for the tree’s look. And after we set it all up, we’ve gotta say that we kinda wished this was in our own homes!! Gold + Silver + Natural Elements = Perfection.

Everything from this “look” is from Michael’s… and when we say everything, we mean it very literally. The tree, the wrapping paper, the ribbon and ornaments (including those awesome disco ball ornaments!), the topper, and even the accessories on the table were all scored from Michael’s. <– If you haven’t seen their new Christmas decor, you have to go check it out… especially if you want a holiday marquee sign. #hearteyesonrepeat

And if you’re shopping for a new Christmas tree, from now until November 14, you can get FREE shipping on all Christmas trees that are 6ft or taller on Michaels.com! IMG_3454

We DIY-ed some of the white ornaments (super easy tutorial coming closer to the holiday) but pretty much used all of the other decor as is. If you’re just getting started on your holiday decor, you can also check out some of the ornament projects and tutorials available on Michaels.com.


Rookie Tip: If you’re looking to step up your “tree game” this year, we would encourage you to coordinate your tree with your wrapping paper. By wrapping your gifts that coordinate with your tree, your gifts will do double duty — gifts AND decor. We went with plain paper but added extra glam with unique ribbons & bows to coordinate with the tree.

Other than coordinating the wrapping paper, we didn’t do any extensive planning. We picked our general “color scheme” and “feel” of the tree and kept our eyes peeled while we were out shopping. Anything we LOVED that was silver, gold, or natural was fair game to add to the cart. Little by little we gathered items within these guidelines and when it was time to dress the dream tree, it all kind of came together. #thankgoodness #noplanB

IMG_3510One thing we did use for the first time ever was flocked branches. These thick bundles of extra color/texture/fill are found in the floral section & were the perfect way to add extra layers and more thickness. <– these flocked branches remind us of what extensions are for hair. Is that weird?!Michaels Christmas Tree

Plus, adding all of this plush pine allowed us to cut down on using tons of ornaments. We both agree that we probably won’t decorate a tree without them again because they make such a big difference. Rookie Tip: We would recommend waiting for these to go on sale before adding them to the tree because they can be a tad pricey, especially since we bought 7 bundles. 

IMG_3327Overall we’re extra grateful that our dream tree came together and that we were able to get our act together before our November 2nd deadline. We don’t plan on jumping into all things Christmas just yet, but this project does have us scheming how we will tackle Christmas decor in our own homes this year. You can expect a few more holiday posts sprinkled into the month’s blog calendar but you can also expect Thanksgiving posts and lots of NON-holiday content too.

Maggie Christmas Tree

Before you go, it’s important that you don’t leave here thinking that you’re behind on the holiday prep…. THOSE THOUGHTS ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE!! As far as we’re concerned, the fact that you’re even thinking about the holidays for two seconds today (only 2 days after Halloween), you’re already ahead of the game! You may not be ready to dive in just yet, but when it IS that time you HAVE to check out the 49 other “dream trees” below, or you can check them out on the Glue String blog. Just magical…

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  • Heather

    Ahh my favorite tree color combo! Every year I always say I want to change the look of our tree to gold, silver, and glitter, but then when I start unpacking what we have, I get all sentimental.

    • I totally agree Heather! Hard not to put up those personal ornaments.

  • Aimee

    I hope one day I have the space and budget for an extra themed tree that I can change up every few years because it looks so fun. Every one of my ornaments mean a lot to me though and I can’t imagine not putting them up. It’s my favorite part of Christmas decorating! I even let my kids decorate their own little tree, and let me tell ya, it’s not pretty, but one of our favorite traditions anyway. Love what you did with the tree and wrapping here. Just beautiful.

    • Hey Aimee…we totally agree! This tree worked out since this is Maggie’s first Christmas in her new place, so she needed absolutely everything for her tree. So we could start from scratch. But our own trees certainly don’t have such a unified look…they’re full of ornaments from vacations, family members, and even some homemade ones! gotta love Christmas decor!

  • OK, I will gladly volunteer to be the sister to one of you lovely ladies. Unlimited access to my house included! 🙂

    This looks beautiful and I LOVE the gift wrap with the monogram! <3

    • haha you’re too funny Elise! Thanks so much. More info (& a super simple tutorial) on the monogrammed package coming to the blog soon!

  • Bridget, Casey – this is gorgeous! And SO beautifully styled! I love that you had a new home for it because I struggled big time trying to squeeze that big ‘ole guy into our one-bedroom apartment. Love it!

    • Lindsay…we feel ya! It took us awhile to figure out where exactly to put this big ol’ tree..especially in the middle of October. ha! Thanks for the kind words!

  • I keep telling my husband in our next house we’re going to have two trees – one with all our (my) sentimental ornaments and one fancy themed one. Like exactly what you did here. I love everything about it! Love the idea of coordinating paper with the tree, definitely want to do that when I finally get through my wrapping paper stash! Great job, as always!

  • Jennifer Starnes

    I love Maggie’s rug! Can you share the details of where it was purchased and what it is called, or who makes it? Thanks $

  • Jackie B

    You can always use the Michael’s coupon on your smart phone while you are in the store to score 40% or even 50% off of one item. No worries, come back tomorrow to use another coupon!

  • What a gorgeous tree!! And love the gift wrapping matching to tie it all together.

  • Gorgeous! Do you have a link to the ribbon on the tree? Is this from Michael’s too?

    • Thank you! Yes, the ribbon was from Michael’s.

    • Thanks is there a link? I searched their website but there are a lot choices.

    • I can’t find a link for it either, I bought mine in the store (Christmas Ribbon section).