Our Guest Bathroom Revamp

Our guest bathroom has come a loooong way in just a few short weeks. Before we dive into the good stuff, let’s back track to what this space looked like initially. 01-Augusta-Guest-Bathroom-before

Dark, awkward, and not the prettiest powder room you ever did see.

We didn’t have much of a budget for this space, so I was forced to make a few small changes with hopes that they would make a big impact.

I’m happy to say those small tweaks made a huge difference and I’m very pleased with the new look for our guest bathroom. 09-guest-bathroom-wide-shot-augusta-after




Here was our original gameplan for the space. I think we really stuck to our initial vision.

And here’s what we completed on our to-do list…

It’s crazy what a few inexpensive updates can do to a space. Hiring a handyman to remove the pendant & mirror, and add the new lighting was by far the most costly part of this space. But all of the other tasks were incredibly budget-friendly and didn’t take much time at all.

Bathroom Sources:

And just for good measure, let’s do a little side-by-side comparison.

So it seems our master bathroom & our guest bathroom are the only completed spaces in our new home. Now onto the next room…



  • It looks so much better! Cleaning up the grout and painting and adding that vanity light did so much for this small space and I am loving that hand towel hook! <3

    Whitney @whitneydonae.com

    • Thanks so much Whitney! Crazy what a few small updates can do to a space.

  • Love it, it always amazes me at how a little paint, elbow grease and a few accessories can totally change a space. Gorgeous makeover.

  • FinallyHittingMyStride

    Wow…very inspiring!! We are currently working on our main bath, complete gut. I ordered the IKEA shelving brackets you had on another post. Taking ideas on decor from your blog!! 🙂 In the updated bathroom here I see in your old picture you had a pedestal toilet paper holder… where did you put the toilet paper holder in the updated bathroom?

    • Thanks so much! How exciting about your master bathroom makeover! I’m sure the hard work will be well worth it in the end.

      We ended up getting rid of the pedestal toilet paper holder because it took up too much room in this tiny space! Instead I installed a toilet paper holder on the wall to the left of the toilet. Sorry, you can’t see it in the picture! Just a simple silver one that takes up way less space than the previous one we had.

    • FinallyHittingMyStride

      Thank you!

  • Trang

    Great job. What a transforming form boring to exciting!

    • Awww thanks so much Trang! As always you’re too kind!

  • Ashley Sorrick

    Oh my goodness – your powder room looks like a completely different bathroom!! Y’all did an amazing job!!

    • Thanks Ashley! Crazy what a few simple changes can do 🙂

  • So great, I love it!

  • Always amazed at what a difference a few small changes can make! Great job!