Traditions Worth Saving

Unlike their granddaughter, both of my grandmothers were/are very talented in the kitchen. My grandma on my mom’s side, Grandma Judy, was known for her ability to cook up a meal of meat + potatoes and serve it hot at the exact time she told her guests… making the whole process look effortless and even fun (?!). My Gram on my dad’s side is still very talented in the kitchen and always, always, always has homemade cookies on hand and can whip up a homemade pie like it’s nothing.IMG_3842-001

It’s no secret around here that my talents in the kitchen look nothing like these talented ladies, and quite honestly, I would categorize my skills more along the lines of non-existent. Baking a homemade pie from scratch? In my dreams. Serving a meal hot at the very time I anticipated? …yeah right.

IMG_3808Needless to say, I look at the talent of these special women in a whole different way now. I admire their selflessness in the kitchen and the fact that they spent hours preparing & creating these masterpieces that have now molded our family traditions. In honor of these great memories, I have decided to incorporate these staple recipes into our kitchen decor… especially for the holidays!

IMG_3801I took each grandma’s “famous” family recipe (apple slices from Grandma Judy & chocolate pie from Gram) and framed them to display in our kitchen.


This is a super easy, yet extremely meaningful way to add personality to your kitchen. If you don’t have a ton of wall room to hang these recipes, you can display them on the counter like I did here. I love that I have a reminder of these women in my kitchen and a snapshot of the memories that were made while enjoying these sweet treats. IMG_3750Now if only I could step up those kitchen skills and do more with these recipes than just admire from afar….IMG_3731

What recipes are staples in your family? Which ones would you choose to preserve for all to see? While you take a walk down memory lane, we’re heading over to Dimples and Tangles blog to enjoy some more festive eye candy! Hope to see you there. =)

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  • Allison Thomas

    Iove this idea! I have a box of my great grandmother’s recipes and I know my mom and aunt would love this gift. Where did you get your frames?

    • I’m sure they would LOVE that. Both frames are from Target. Good luck!!

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    I don’t have that many recipes unfortunately that I want to preserve. One of my mom’s cakes, but that’s about it. She hates to bake and cook 😉

    • As a non-cook, non-baker myself, I understand!! =) Thanks for stopping by, Julia!

  • I use all of my mother’s recipes and I love to see her handwriting on the index cards. It makes the holidays so much more special.

  • I love this idea!!! My sweet Aunt slipped two of my Gram’s recipe cards into the mix at my bridal shower and I instantly turned into a big puddle of tears. Her handwriting was so beautiful and each one is on her trademark strawberry printed cards. They were my favorite “gift”. <3

    • Awww. love this for a bridal shower gift. Thank you!! What a special gift =)

  • such a sweet idea!

  • This is so sweet – some of my favorite recipes, and the ones I get asked for when I serve to other people, come from my great-grandmom, my grandmom, and my mom. Love family food traditions 🙂

    • Thanks!! And thanks so much for stopping by! =)

  • Oh I love that. I wish I still had my Grandmother’s old recipe books where she’d written them out. That would be so lovely.

  • Amber Finley Tysl

    Oh, how I love this sweet, sweet idea!

  • Beth @ designPOST interiors

    I love this idea! My grandmother’s love language has always been passing down recipes!

  • I love EVERYTHING about this idea! I was tossing around the idea of a tiled backsplash but may try to frame several recipe cards and use that instead! Thank you for this!

    • Yes!! A much more affordable (and personal) solution. Good luck!