Behind the Scenes 2015 Christmas Card

So yesterday we showed you guys our 2015 Christmas card and promised that we would be back today with the behind-the-scenes look at the madness festivities. Before we get into our 2015 Christmas Photos, let’s glance at 2014’s Christmas photos:

We seriously had a blast shooting these pics together… even amidst the few awkward looks we got from some curious onlookers (Do you blame them?!). Although we laughed hysterically at ourselves during the photos, we vowed that we did NOT want to take our 2015 Christmas pics in public again. #notachance Fast forward a year and here we are… still with our XL grins, still with our tripod + ten second timer, but this time… not in public for others to judge.

Christmas Card 2015 RookiesTo set the scene, we hung an XL drop cloth in B’s garage (glamorous right?) and painted on a large Christmas Tree. We bought mini samples of 4 different green paints found on the same paint swatch to create the paint-swatch inspired tree. After the paint was dry, we added some  paint/Christmas accessories. From there, it was lots and lots and lots of laughs…. and retakes.

PaintChristmas CardWe tried to coordinate our outfits to fit the traditional green + red color scheme without looking too “matchy, matchy” <– easier said then done. We’re definitely not fashion bloggers so as long as we were coordinating in color without wearing the same exact outfit (…because we do not want to look like siblings taking our Christmas Card photo circa 1993… sorry mom), we were happy campers!

Like we mentioned before, the memories that go into creating these cards is really what makes us excited to create ’em each year. And when you have a mess of tangled lights, a whole lot of props to work with, too much coffee, and a ten second timer that requires you to hit the photo button and RUNNNN into place, there will definitely be a story to tell “behind-the-scenes”.

CaseyChristmas CardBridget CaseyChristmas CardAnd a half hour of laughs (mixed with running and sweating) later, the photo shoot was over and we had at least one acceptable picture to use for our card. <– thank goodness!

Year 2 of DIY Playbook Christmas Card is officially in the books and in true Type A style, we’re already brainstorming for next year! If you have any ideas… we’d love to hear them!!

If you’re looking for details on our coordinated but not “matchy-matchy” outfits, here are the exact links:

Christmas Card Photo Shop the look
Casey’s Cream Blouse // Casey’s Vest // Casey watch (similar) // Casey’s black booties (similar) // Bridget’s Flannel // Bridget’s necklace // Bridget’s black booties

Bridget and Casey Signature
PS. Here’s a pic of the garage set-up we built. <– Glamorous, right? We wish we had an even wider shot to show you how non “professional” this really was. ha!Christmas card behind the scenes

  • Jo Abella

    So clever & looks so fun! Kudos girls!

    • Thanks Jo! We certainly had fun laughing at ourselves 🙂

  • You two are just the cutest!!! 🙂

    • Aw, you are too darn sweet!! We have the BEST readers around =)

  • Trang

    Thanks for the style buy guide. I love your vest Casey! I’ve been obsessed with vests this year and because of your link, I just scored a deal on this vest. Thanks!

  • Too cute! It looks like you had a blast! We had a couple of funny pictures too – just us on the side of a street in the community we’re building our house, and a bright pink selfie stick. Haha