B’s Dining Room Reveal

I know I say this every time I finish up a big project, but I REALLY feel like this is my favorite weekend warrior project to date!! (Partly because it’s done, partly because I had so much fun working on it with my dad, but MOSTLY because I’m OBSESSSSEEEDDDDDDD with my new dining room!). Here’s a reminder of what the room looked like for the past 3 years… IMG_4338And here’s what it looks like now:
Dining Room Board and Batten SAYYY WHAATTTTTT?! Can you even believe it’s the same space?! Since we have an open concept in our house, literally the whole house feels different now that this room is done. Everything seems brighter, cleaner, just more “finished” than it did before.

Let’s review the to-do list we started with from this post:

Dining Room To-Do List:

  • DIY Board & Batten (Dining Room Progress here, tutorials here & here)
  • Hang Curtains (Used the same EXACT curtains as Casey did in her bedroom & used her tutorial to hem them to fit my space) <– thanks Case!
  • Find New Rug (I ended up not buying a new rug because the one I had looked worked in the new space far better than I thought it would. I actually scored this rug from GOODWILL a few months ago. #score)
  • Add new seating to brighten the space (let’s get back to this in a second because we need to have a serious chat more about how much I LOVE these new chairs)
  • Revamp the bar cart (Still on the to-do list…. after the holidays hopefully)
  • Accessorize (TBD)

Dining Room Board and Batten RevealThis project is probably one of our biggest yet and definitely took some hard work. My dad and I put in two FULL weekends and worked on it after work a few days. For the exact measurements, the paint colors, and the step-by-step of the board and batten, check out this post. We ended up having to take off the old baseboard and shoe and replace all of that, which was tedious and took some time. We (aka my dad) also had to prime/patch the walls, which also took more time than expected.

Dining Room Once the dust settled (literally), my mom came over and she & I cleaned the whole house, put back all of the furniture, and tackled the DIY curtains. Like I mentioned in the to-do list, I used the exact IKEA curtains that Casey hung in her bedroom (without the black-out layer of course). I also used her tutorial to hem my curtains (great advice, Casey!!).

The no-sew curtains were a tad tedious because we wanted the measurements to be exact but because it was NO SEW and there were two of us, we were able to tackle it in about an hour or so. Plus, these curtains cost less than $40 <— a win in my playbook. Curtains and Rods

I went with this dark curtain rod from ATG because it was sleek, simple and the color was similar to my kitchen color. Plus, the dark rod added some serious contrast to the light curtains and bright room. But before I was completely sold on a bold rod, I hemmed and hawed before settling on that one. I talked to Casey about it and she reassured me that I HAD to go with a dark rod… she told me that a rod is like the “eyeliner of the window”. Ugh… GENIUS! Why didn’t I see it that way before?! When I looked it at that way, I was immediately sold on the dark, contrasting rod and now looking back, she couldn’t have been more right. Team dark rods for this rookie!
Dining Room Board and BattenNow, we HAVE to chat about these chairs… ya know the ones that are a total GAME-CHANGER in this space. I’ve had the hardest time trying to decide what kind of chairs I wanted for this space. To be perfectly honest, not finding the perfect chair was a factor that delayed me from even starting this project. I had SUCH a hard time finding something I loved. I have bought SEVERAL sample chairs to bring home and put in the space, all of which have never felt “right” to me. Until now.

I saw these chairs on ATG’s website (wow… what a selection of affordable decor!!) and loved the fact that they were white, bright and would eliminate that dreaded “matchy-matchy” look I hated so much. But I was still hesitant. Were they too different? Would they be too short? Were they too modern for this traditional table? HELP!!

Dining Room Chairs I measured the table, stalked the customer reviews/dimension details and finally decided that I needed to at least try them. Plus, they came completely assembled so I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about building them for hours and hours and hours (a great selling point when trying to convince the hubby that buying chairs that didn’t match the table was actually a great idea. #uphillbattle)

Dining Room Table and Chairs They arrived on my doorstep in three HUGE boxes a few days later and from the second I saw them next to the table, I was smitten! The contrast, the white, the less overwhelming height in my small space…. all of it just WORKED. Again, I stepped outside my comfort zone a tad and I am SO glad that I did because they make such.a.difference. Dining Room Chairs Plus, they’re even more comfortable than the old chairs (another selling point for Matt)Dining Room Lamp PlantDining Room Board and BattenHallway Dining Room I’m just so happy about how the space turned out. I visualized this room for a long time, sketched a ton of “looks” and even made a few mood boards but wow, the real thing is SO much better than I anticipated. The room is finally feeling more like “us” and finally fitting in with the rest of the house.Plaid Pillow and blanket on chair

After getting the dining room finished, I was inspired to add a little bit more of those sleek, modern, mid-century vibes into more of our home. I saw this chair while I was shopping for dining room chairs on ATGstores.com and I knew it would be the perfect complement to the new look. Dining Room Board and Batten Reveal IMG_6313It’s so cozy yet still very sleek. And I feel like it totally complements the brown + white + mid-century modern feel of the dining room. Again, this piece was a tad outside my comfort zone but I’m so glad I took a little design risk. IMG_6317

Dining Room ProgressDining Room Board and Batten Reveal

Thank YOU for pouring your time and love into this project. Not only am I obsessed with everything about the new look, I am so proud knowing that WE tackled it together. Now, I think I owe you dinner in this new space. I’ll order in some food, and we can chat about our next project. hahaha  #seriouslythough   diy_dining_room_makeover_reveal-090

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[Disclaimer: We partnered with ATG Stores for today’s post. They generously donated a few items for the dining room makeover. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog!]

  • Summer Hogan

    Wow it looks great!!! I love those chairs!

    • Thanks so much Summer! You’re always so darn sweet and supportive 🙂

  • Omg, I love it! You are seriously inspiring me! I love everything: the new chairs, the living room chair, the light fixture, and the curtain rod!

    • Awww… thanks Barbara!! =) I really appreciate your support!! xo, b

  • Mike OConnor

    I enjoyed the project,Bridget you also did a great job

    • Aww, thanks Dad. I couldn’t have done it without you!! =)

  • Ashley Sorrick

    Oh my goodness, another amazing job!! Y’all keep raising the bar 😉

    • Thank YOU Ashley, it is going to be hard to top this transformation! (…and we’re running out of space to transform haha)

  • Ana

    I LOVE the chairs! I wanted to know where you got them as soon as I saw them on Instagram!


    • Thanks Ana! (And they’re comfortable too!!)

  • It doesn’t even look like the same room!!! Especially the shot from the kitchen towards the windows!!! WOW!!!

    • It’s crazy what a difference the white board and batten makes!!

  • This is AMAZING!! Great job!

  • Colleen Howard Mulcahy

    Looks so amazing! I’m in love with your dining room too!!

  • I’m really struggling with the matchy matchy thing. It’s been pounded into my head that adults are supposed to have furniture that matches – no mixing oak with cherry because that’s what kids in college do that can’t afford expensive, matching sets, right? Except… I see pictures of your table with all the matchy matchy and it drives me crazy too when I see it. It all just sort of blends the floor and table/chairs together. So I get it.

    But I’m still struggling. We’re picking out things for our house now that we’re getting closer and closer to the March completion date (so far, yet so close!). I found myself trying to match things! *Slaps hands*

    How do you decide what non-matchy matchy thing will look great?

    • Ugh… we hear you!!! We are not perfect either and we find ourselves slapping our own hands too! But we do think that small steps can make a difference (and hopefully give us all courage to try more risky non-matchy decorative moves). We are all about matching some things like hardware, finishes, faucets, etc. but for items that can be easily changed out, things like furniture, fabrics/rugs, etc., we feel like it’s okay to get a little “risky” because if we hate the look, we can always take it back and try again. But YES… the struggle is REAL and we totally hear you! Maybe we should work on a post about this topic in 2016…. we’d love to investigate the unofficial “rules” of what to match and what never to match. Thanks for the questions!! <— sorry for not helping at all!! As always, thanks for stopping by and for your honesty & support. xo

    • I actually would LOVE a post about what to match and what not to match! Maybe some “You could, but you don’t need to match these” too 😀

    • Haha Got it!

  • Amanda Risius

    Wow it looks amazing!! The batten board really makes a huge difference. I hear ya on the matchy chair problem. I hate matchy chairs but I also wonder how different to go. Like, will other people think that they totally don’t match at all? My brother gave me his table and struggling hard with chairs. I’m loving your selection and the combo of traditional with modern. It works perfectly!! Where is your table from?


  • Lara Gephart

    Love this! I actually JUST used Casey’s DIY curtain tutorial for my living room and it has made a huge difference in how it looks! I finally settled on the same curtains too because I’m incredibly indecisive about curtains and $25 for a 2-pack was just too cheap to pass up. And if I change my mind later I won’t feel so guilty! HA! Great job as always!

    • Lara, that makes us so happy! How did it go? Did you do blackout curtains too? Can’t wait to hear all about it. And $25…seriously such a steal and looks much more high-end than the price.

    • Lara Gephart

      I didn’t do the blackout curtains since it’s in the living room and it needs all the light it can get (old house problems…), but I did hem the bottoms using the no-sew strips and I actually ironed the curtains which made such a difference in how they looked! I also bought more curtains to make blackout curtains for my bedroom, but that project might have to wait until after Christmas 🙂

    • Haha… waiting until after Christmas is probably a great idea. So proud of your progress, thanks for sharing!!

  • Oh my gorgeousness!! The board and batten looks amazing and the chairs and table are beautiful! <3

  • Rebecca Peck

    LOVE this. yes i’m currently going through old posts b/c i just can’t get enough. where did you find that beautiful table???

    • You are too sweet Rebecca! It’s from World Market.