Campaign Style Nightstands from MegMade

For the past few months, I’ve been chucking away at our master bedroom to-do list. In fact, for a while there I was on a roll. New rug, dresser, window treatments…check, check, check!

01-casey-master-bedroom-bed-benchBut when it came time to find new matching nightstands for the space I was at a standstill. I searched everywhere. Online, in stores, flea market, antique shops…legit all over the place. I knew what I wanted (white, 3 dressers, large but not too large, contemporary) but I just couldn’t find anything that wasn’t waaaaay out of my budget.

That’s when I had the brilliant idea to visit MegMade here in Chicago. MegMade is a small-business owned and operated by Meg and her husband Joe.

joeandmeg-megmadeImage via MegMade

The couple started painting furniture back in 2012, and have since sold over 3,000 pieces which they ship all over the country. They’re an amazing couple, with 2 adorable little ones. Gotta love small family-owned businesses…especially when they’re run by friendly folks like these two.

9-megmade-storefrontThey have a storefront here in Chicago, and it’s filled to the brim with gorgeously painted furniture pieces.

01-megmade-store-dressersI visited the shop looking for 2 matching nightstands that might work for our bedroom. Even though everything was drop-dead-gorgeous, I didn’t find anything that quite fit the bill.

02-megmade-warehouse-furniture8-colors-finishes-megmadeThat’s when Meg showed me to her huuuuuuge warehouse of furniture finds. All pieces waiting to be claimed and refinished to your liking. Knowing her inventory inside & out, Meg led me to 2 campaign style nightstands that she thought would work for our bedroom. She explained how you can then completely customize the furniture. So I picked out a color, a finish, and left the store with a big grin on my face.

Fast forward a couple weeks…and my nightstands were painted & delivered right to our front door. I could hardly contain my excitement when they arrived.

Out with the old nightstands…and in with the new!05-nightstand-dresser-campaign-megmade1-nightstand-campaign-dresser-megmade


I’m obsessed with these beauties. The sleek white finish is so professional and they literally shine. 07-gold-campaign-dresser-handle

They even buffed up the gold dresser pulls…


…and the gold brackets! I’m loving the glam look. 7-master-bedroom-casey-augusta

They’re pretty big for nightstands, but they work really well in this space. And I love all of the extra storage…6 drawers total!3-left-nightstand-bedroom

There is also tons of room on top for accessories, bedside essentials, and our large table lamps. 12-styling-nightstand-dresser-tabletop-bedroom09-nightstand-styling-flowers-coffee-lamp13-gold-xoxo-nightstand-dresser6-nightstand-campaign-megmade

In terms of styling, I tried to make each nightstand pretty symmetrical. Lamps on both, and frames hanging on the wall. Then lots of pretty accessories with storage for jewelry, and some night-time reading options.

To add a sentimental touch, I framed a letter from my great-grandmother and put a thick mat around it. I love looking at it every morning when I wake up to start my day. A little bit of family tradition and history right at my fingertips.


I did have to move a few things around the rest of the bedroom to make space for these larger nightstands. But they’re well worth it. 06-augusta-master-bedroom-dresser-bed11-bed-pillows-master-bedroom

We’re in the home stretch for our bedroom.


    • New, large rug
    • Replace nightstands with matching ones
    • Hang art or mirror over the bed
    • Change up a few of the bed pillows
    • New bench that is more proportionate 
    • Sell 1 dresser & instead do vanity/work desk area
    • Add personality on nightstands/dresser with accessories
    • Hang art & frames on walls
    • Add bamboo shade to window
    • Add curtains to sliding doors
    • Replace black dresser


In January, I’m planning to tackle those last few items on our master bedroom to-do list (bring on the work space area!) Until then, you’ll find me lovingly staring at our 2 new pieces of bedroom furniture. Heart eyes on repeat over here. casey_sig

  • Summer Hogan

    Love them and what a cool biz!

  • Tricia

    looks great! Can I ask where you found the ‘xoxo’. I would love to track that down. Thanks.

    • Hi Tricia,
      I just purchased it at Homegoods a few weeks ago! They might still have it!

      I know West Elm also has similar ones (albeit at a higher price point, and it may not say “xoxo”)

      Good luck shopping!

    • Tricia


  • I can’t get over the transformation! Everything looks so pretty!!!

    • Thanks so much Elise! It’s coming together 🙂

  • Those look great!!! The husband and I have been talking about him making us new nightstands after the holidays and something similar to this is what I have in mind – white, lots of storage. We both have dark nightstands with shelves but having drawers…so much more storage! Plus, keeping the toddler out of them. I love everything you’ve done in here so far!

    • Make you nightstands?! Diana that is amazing! What a handy hubby #lucky girl

    • Well by his own admission his first attempt at making furniture with drawers (a dresser) didn’t go so well. So we’ll see how lucky we are!

  • The whole room looks fabulous! What an amazing find! You are an inspiration to me that you have the patience and the eye to look for and research the perfect most unique pieces!!

    • You are too sweet Colleen! I don’t know about patience…more like I’ve been lazy finalizing each piece for the space 😉

  • Thanks so much Casey! You are a dream to work with! So creative and so fun! Looking forward to working together again 🙂 The room is simply stunning!

    • Aww thanks Meg! Had such a wonderful experience working with you!

  • Casey, the room looks amazing. I love your new nightstands, they are so stylish …I can’t wait to see the final result 🙂
    We are glad to revisit your blog after your post on Felt Ball Rug this year…. Since then we worked hard for a rebranding. Would love to have your opinion on our new site: . Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks so much! The site looks amazing! Keep up the great work and happy holidays 🙂

  • The night stands look great and love the styling!

  • Lisa Prosapio Brennan

    Casey, I love your room and have been looking for similar nightstands. Would love something more substantial than our current 18″ wide drawers! I’m just curious if you happen to know the measurements off hand? They look like the perfect size! Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Lisa! Because they’re more dresser size than nightstand size, they’re pretty big! I’d say 30x30x18?? Definitely roomy enough to hold all of the essentials.

    • Lisa Prosapio Brennan

      Very helpful, thanks!!

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