A Plaid and Cozy Christmas Tour

There is just something about the holidays that steal our hearts year after year. Beyond the stressful to-do lists and the jam-packed holiday schedules, the month of December is simply magical. It’s oozing with family, friends, traditions, delicious desserts, and a whole lot of holiday cheer. What’s not to LOVE, right?!IMG_6352-001

If you’re coming over from Restless Arrow, welcome!! And if you’re a DIY Playbook rookie, we are so happy you’re here and can’t wait to show you around. Before we dive into Bridget’s holiday home tour, here’s a crash course on all things DIY Playbook.

Christmas Wreath Door

  • There are two of us (Bridget & Casey). We became best friends in high school, loved doing crafty things like making puffy paint t-shirts for the football games, and scrapbooking pics we took with our disposable cameras throughout high school (nerd alert). Eventually, this creativity blossomed into a love for DIY & home decor.
  • This love for all things home eventually inspired us to start The DIY Playbook, which is now about 2 1/2 years old!
  • Since then, we have been rookie DIY-ers navigating our first homes without investing a ton of time or money. And let’s be honest here, if rookies like us can tackle a project right here on the blog… we KNOW that you can too.
  • Casey lives in downtown Chicago (she just bought her first house!) and I live in a small (yet cozy) suburban ranch outside of the city.
  • Oh, and one more thing. We both have full-time jobs outside of the blog (Casey a TV producer & me a high school teacher) and life has been pretty crazy with Casey moving, my dining room makeover that left my entire house a hot mess, our day jobs, and keeping up with blog work. Why do I mention this? Well, these crazy schedules bring both good news AND bad news today.Christmas_Entry
  • The good news: I snuck in a few pictures of the dining room in today’s tour (full reveal soon)!! PLUS, I spent less than $100 to decorate my entire house this year, proving that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to dress your space up for the holidays.
  • The bad news: I didn’t have time to put up my tree yet (bad blogger). AND, since I spent less than $100… you may see a lot of the same items from last year’s home tour. But to be perfectly honest, I’m excited to use a lot of the same items and start building traditions around these holiday favorites.
  • Now I promise to shut up so you can get to the real reason you’re here — our 2015 Christmas Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour. Come on in!


IMG_6131IMG_6211-001IMG_5769-001 IMG_5750IMG_6323-001IMG_5761Christmas Shelves

Christmas Stockings Christmas basketHallway Dining Room IMG_5819

IMG_6338IMG_6317I’m so glad you stopped by!! Now before you head off to check out the drop dead GORGEOUS-NESS that Julie from Julie Blanner blog has in store for you, I hope you can take away these three things and apply them to your own holiday decorating:

      • It’s perfectly OKAY if you can’t get to everything this holiday season. Whatever you DO get to is ENOUGH! <– Heck, I didn’t even put up a tree yet and that is OKAY!!
      • Decorating for the holidays does NOT need to be expensive. Re-working the same items year after year is A-okay in our playbook. (Rookie Tip: Need some Christmas decor? The week after Christmas is a great time to buy stuff on super sale. That’s usually what we do if we need anything new and I’ll probably be adding a few new items starting 12/26.)
      • Whatever the holiday season has in store for you…embrace it, and more importantly, ENJOY it!! That’s what the holidays are all about.

Christmas dream tree giftsNeed some silver, gold & glam holiday inspiration?! Come check out the tree we created at my sister’s place a few weeks ago!


How’s that for some holiday inspiration?! As always, a BIG thank YOU to Lindsay for hosting and organizing this blog hop! We are so thankful to be included!!


  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Gosh how do you guys do it all. Super women! And it’s perfectly ok to use the same items again, I did too and I think we totally should. And everything looks beautiful. Happy Holidays!

    • You are too sweet, Julia! We DEFINITELY do NOT “do it all”, but thank you for your kind words. Thanks for stopping by and for all of your inspiration this season! Happy Holidays! xo, b&C

  • so cozy and warm! i love all of the plaid touches!

  • It’s gorgeous, Bridget! I especially love the wrapping corner…such a beautiful way to store holiday essentials.

    • You are too darn sweet, Julie! Thank YOU and yes, I do love having all of the wrapping stuff out… makes gift wrapping a heck of a lot easier!

  • Summer Hogan

    Such a fun holiday tour! Love the plaid!

    • Thanks lady!! Bring on the holiday cheer, right?!

  • Amber Finley Tysl

    So beautiful, cozy and fun!! Merry Christmas, friends!!

  • Jealous of how cute your home looks for the holidays! Where did you find that book end of the car with the tree on top? I absolutely love it! Did you take burlap and wrap it around the bottom of the little Christmas tree with lights? I might have more questions after I look at the pics again 3 or 100 more times!

    • Wow, thank YOU Colleen!! You are so sweet.

      The car is actually a cookie jar that I found at Michael’s (this season!). And I actually found that mini Christmas tree with burlap wrapped around the base, but I’m sure wrapping burlap around any mini tree wouldn’t be so hard! xo, B

  • Everything looks cozy and so cheery, friends! 🙂

  • Lindsay Lark Jackman

    Love your plaid and red tour! So pretty and festive, friends!

    • Thanks so much, Lindsay!! And thank YOU for having us, so honored to be included!!

  • Amanda Risius

    Your home and style is one of my favorites!! The built-in styling is so good. I’m all about re-using year after year!


  • Jocelyn ‘Van Hoecke’ Lutkus

    Thanks for opening your home-so warm and festive! I love the frame/chicken wire to display Christmas cards…did you DIY it or is it available for purchase somewhere? Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    i love how festive your home is! would you mind sharing where you got the captain’s mirror in your entry way from? i’ve been looking for something similar! thank you!

    • Thanks so much, Tiffany! The mirror by the door is actually from a garage sale (only $3). I wish I could tell you where you can find one too!

  • I love everything here, especially your built-in styling (always fab) and the wrapping paper out! If I didn’t have a very curious and into everything 2 year old I would do the same!

    • You’re so sweet, thanks Diana!! I’m sure if I had a two year old, the wrapping paper would NOT be out either 😉

  • Your book shelves look awesome!

  • Carrie Waller

    Catching up here, but this is just too sweet for words!! I love how naturally everything goes together. Happy holidays!!

    • You are so sweet, Carrie… thank you! Happy Holiday to you and your family =)