2016 Instagram Snapshot

Now that we’re in the final stretch of 2016, one of our favorite things to do is look back and review our year — the good, the bad, and the ugly. This past weekend we met with Finn and Matt for our annual “Q4” meeting. On this quarter’s agenda we reviewed the DIY Playbook’s 2016 accomplishments, the blog’s finances, the positives of the year, the negatives of the year, the changes we want to make in 2017, and our goals for next year.

Although these meetings seem silly sometimes, we are so grateful that we carve out time to do this because it’s fun to review the year and even more fun to look at what’s coming up next!

This week we plan to share some of those fun memories from 2016 and then in January we’ll dive into some of our goals for the year and what we want to change around here (all for the better, we promise!). But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look back at 2016 through the lens of our favorite social media outlet — INSTAGRAM.

Not only do we love sharing pictures on DIY Playbook’s Instagram but we really love connecting with YOU!! We have the sweetest followers EVER and hearing your advice, seeing what you’re up to, or just hearing you cheer from a far is pretty darn amazing! We also love following our families, friends, & favorite bloggers on this gorgeous channel. If you can’t tell already, we just love everything about Insta & that’s why we thought we would share a mini recap of our year via these pretty square images.

Probably the biggest and most obvious change on our Instagram page was us incorporating more fashion this year.


Stepping outside of our comfort zone to step in front of the camera has been a little intimidating this year, but so much fun at the same time. We were hesitant to get started but we’re so grateful that we gave it a try because we have received so much love and support since starting this new adventure!

Like our weekly DIY Playbook Style Series, we try to use our Instagram sparingly to highlight some of our favorite items from our closets, all while focusing on keeping these items affordable and versatile.

We’ve started using Liketoknow.it more often so that we can link to each direct item (whenever possible) so it makes it easy for followers to shop the look. If you don’t have liketoknow.it, you can sign up here if you want. Once you sign up and follow us (or anyone else who uses Liketoknow.it), if you like one of the photos, all of the items linked in that photo will be emailed to you so you can find the exact details and shop away. The cool thing is that you can customize your profile and identify how often you want emails sent to you (ranging from immediately to once a week).

Top 10 from 2016

It’s always funny/interesting/sometimes surprising to see what pics make the top ten list. Like last year’s list, Christmas trees and wide bedroom/family room shots made up most of the list. But UNLIKE last year, we were surprised to see that 5 of the 10 posts were fashion related (50% fashion… what?!!!). We would have never anticipated that last year at this time, but we’re really excited!

Counting down to the most popular post, here are DIY Playbook’s top 10 Instagram pics from this year:

10. Weekend Outfit Inspo2016_instagram_favorites-008

9. Fall Vibes


8. Holidays in Chicago christmas-insta-chicago

7. B’s Bedroom Reveal2016_instagram_favorites-006

6. One Sweater (styled two ways!)


5. Casey’s Christmas Tree2016_instagram_favorites-004

4. Casey’s Bedroom Reveal


3. Lowe’s Makeover Reveal


2. Fall Fashion2016_instagram_favorites

1. Thankful Letterfolk Board


What a year 2016 has been… this recap makes us even more excited to see what will fill our Instagram feed in 2017!  But before we head into 2017 and a clean slate, stay tuned for even more reflection from this past year later on this week.


The Year of Casey

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