Ask Away…. Q & A Prep

Hey, hey… Happy Wednesday! We don’t know if you guys have realized it yet but we are just about a month away from the DIY Playbook’s 3rd (!!!!!) birthday. (Can you even believe our little baby blog is turning 3?!) #proudparents

The DIY Playbook’s birthday week is one of our favorite weeks on the blog because we traditionally take a break from DIY, and instead, chat about the not-so-glamorous things that happen behind the scenes around here.

We usually host a survey to learn more about our readers, we chat about the state of the blog, and have even been known to share a video in honor of the “celebration”, which brings us to today’s post. Beyond the fun/random/heartfelt/open&honest posts we have planned for this year’s birthday week, we also plan to throw together a little video (a “vlog” if you will) based on questions you guys have for us.

Emoji Halloween Costume Bridget & CaseyAnd that’s where YOU come in. We want you guys to use the form below to ask us what’s really on your mind. Your question doesn’t necessarily have to be about DIY (it could be though!). Anything is fair game; we really just want to answer whatever questions you have and we’ll do a little answer session to reveal during our birthday week.

Starting later this week, we will take the questions and try to incorporate as many as we can in our upcoming video…. the good, the bad, the ugly, and of course the awkward. #ohboy

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