A Card Table in the Bedroom is never a good Idea

I have a confession to make…an ugly, embarrassing confession. It’s about my bedroom.
Bedroom BeforeTruth: For the past few MONTHS, I have had this classy card table in my bedroom. Pretty gorgeous, right?  Bedroom BeforeWrong! Those cords actually hurt my eyes to look at. #embarrassed

Long story short, Casey lent me this upcycled dresser when she moved back to Chicago a few years ago. The stylish dresser didn’t fit in her one-bedroom apartment in the city and at that same time, I was looking for a solution on where we should put the TV in our room. I couldn’t find the ‘perfect piece’ and agreed to borrow her dresser for the time being. The good news is that this pretty dresser fit perfectly, it was f-r-e-e and totally did it’s job in our room for 2 years! #WinWin

The Bad News is that I didn’t take any pics (I thought I did, but can’t seem to find them on my computer)!! Either way, I knew her dresser was only a temporary solution and was waiting to blog about it until I had a solution for this space. Since the temporary solution was working just fine, we weren’t in a rush to replace the dresser so we waited until Casey needed the dresser back before moving forward with an actual plan. Bedroom BeforeFast forward a few years and as you know, Casey moved into her first place and needed the dresser back in order to hold her TV in the family room until her built-ins were installed. On moving day, Matt and I drove her dresser back to the city and brought the only thing we had on hand into our room to hold our beloved TV– this card table. (And yes, we do love having a TV in the room. We watch the news every night during the week and drink coffee in bed while watching the TODAY show together on the weekends. I know some people say it’s a bad idea to have a TV in the bedroom, but we really do enjoy it).

So the question is… what do we do with this space now? The space is a little awkward because there’s only about a foot on the wall before the window hits, which eliminates some of the furniture pieces that we liked that had shelves. And there’s not a ton of room width-wise because the closet is right there, again eliminating some of the dressers we liked. I know I want to add storage (the more storage in a small house the better!) while also keeping our TV in the mix. Here are some of the spaces that are inspiring me…




Image via StoriesYHLNurseryBuiltIns bedroom inspiration 3image via Young House Lovebedroom inspiration 2image via Style Me Pretty

After lots and lots and LOTSSS of brainstorming and pinning, I came to the realization that 1. a card table in the bedroom is NEVER a good idea and 2. as much as I’m being a bad blogger by not stepping “outside the box”, I just keep coming back to photos of built-ins and loving everything about them. 

I feel bad that this will be our 4th built-in project on the DIY Playbook, but then I realized that I really do love the classic, clean, heavy-on-the-storage reality of the built-in unit.  And let’s be honest, not choosing to do it in our bedroom just because we’ve done it before on the blog doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to pass on it. Why not stick to what we really do love in our house, right?! 

So… it looks like a built-in it is. I thought about tackling this project with my dad, but he is over-committed with work right now and to be perfectly honest, I cannot tackle this project by myself… especially working full-time. Heck it would be January 2017 before I got this baby done. Plus, I can’t live with this card table any longer!! I mean it’s pretty embarrassing when we have people over and a DIY/home decor blogger has a card table in her bedroom. A-W-K-W-A-R-D.

Bedroom BeforeSo, I hired out this project (bad blogger… again!) and have the mini built-ins ready to be installed sometime next week. My carpenter told me it should only take about a day to get them in (say whattt?!!! way better than Jan. 2017). He’s only installing the wood so when he’s done, we’ll still have to do is paint them, which is far more doable on my to-do list right now.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress, but in the meantime, if you take anything away from this post I hope it’s this: A card table in your bedroom is NEVER a good idea. Period.

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