How to Hide Desk Cords

Last week, I revealed our new little office space in our master bedroom. 1-corner-desk-office-bedroom-augusta

And even though I considered it a “finished” space, I still had one problem to deal with…1-messy-cords-lamp-office

…the messy cords hiding underneath the desk. Because the desk is so slim, you can pretty much see everything going on under there. #eek

So in order to keep things looking streamlined and neat, I knew I had to figure out a way to tame the cord clutter.

2-lamp-cordThe first thing I did was figure out which cords were absolute necessities in the area. I use the desk lamp quite often when it gets dark, so the lamp cord was definitely going to need some help. Then, I also had to deal with my charger for my laptop. Although, I needed that one to be less of a permanent fix since I often take my laptop and charger with me when working or traveling.


I picked up this value pack of hooks at Michaels and figured I’d give cord control a try using these bad boys. You simply take the sticky backing off, push it firmly into place, and the hook isn’t going anywhere! If you ever want to take them off, you can easily peel them off so they don’t damage the furniture. 3-organized-cord-on-desk-lamp

Because the lamp is permanent, I hid the cord along the length of the desk’s back leg and base, running it all the way down and over to a nearby outlet. I simply placed a hook every few inches so I could string the cord along and secure it as I went. 2-cord-hooks-desk-organizedThe cord fit nice and snug into the hook, and this allowed me to place the cord so it was hidden behind the slim desk leg.

So instead of the cord falling to the ground and being plugged into the outlet…1-messy-cords-lamp-officeIt was now hidden behind the metal leg. 3-hidden-lamp-desk-cord-organized

Much better!

With the lamp tackled, I worked on the laptop cord. A huge pet peeve of mine is when you try to bring the computer cord up the back of your desk and then it drops to the floor every time you unhook it from your laptop. Anyone else absolutely hate it when that happens?! So annoying.

In order to keep the cord secured and on my desktop at all times, I simple used a sticky hook on the backside of the middle of the desk.


I can easily take the cord out of it when I need to take my charger with me. And if I don’t need to move the  charger, the little hook keeps the cord firmly in place. 5-desk-area-cords-computer

A simple fix for an irritating problem.


I’d guess that “hiding” these desk cords took me less than 10 minutes, and underneath the desk now looks 10x better. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra effort to get your home looking refreshed and organized. casey_sig

  • Leslie Sasser Jackson

    Looks great! I like that the lamp cord is clear, so it is even easier to hide.

  • What a great and easy idea! i’ve been looking for a way to hide mine. Love the laptop idea

    • Isn’t that the worst when you laptop cord falls behind the desk? Ha! This has been working for me so well.