Interior Define + a $1,000 Giveaway!

Do you guys follow The Everygirl? If not, you absolutely should. It’s a website full of inspiring articles for millennial women looking to make the most of their everyday lives. And often times the site is full of gorgeous eye candy of interiors. Like this photo…

the-everygirl-interior-define-sofas-001Image via The Every Girl

Feminine, classy, and timeless. Love this look. When we saw this picture, we instantly fell in love with the couch and had to learn more about where it came from. I mean those legs..those arms…where could we get our hands on this beauty?!

That’s when we learned about the sofa retailer Interior Define.


Interior Define crafts gorgeous sofas at attainable price points, and they just so happen to have a storefront here in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. We recently had the opportunity to meet ID founder Rob Royer and learn more about their awesome products.



Their sign at the front door explains Interior Define’s motto very clearly…sofas are one-of-a-kind. Each piece is made to order and you can choose the style, size, fabric, color, and legs so it can seamlessly fit with your home’s style. We’re talking over 50 fabric options, 20+ leg choices, and endless styles and configurations.

But the craziest part is they can customize the size of your sofa down to the inch! So if you have a weird layout or need a sofa to span a certain amount of space in your home…you can work with Interior Define to create one that is right for you!

That was kinda mind-blowing for us both. When you live in small homes (like these 2 gals right here!), then you want to choose a sofa that is the right size for your space. You shouldn’t have to compromise style or quality to find a couch that is the perfect scale for your home.


With all of this customization, we figured that would dramatically alter the price. But it doesn’t. Their made-to-order production approach eliminates costly overhead, so you can still get a quality sofa at an affordable price. The cost only changes based on your specific sizing, so there are no upcharges for different fabric, colors, or leg options.


Because of all of the customization, we asked Rob about their return policy….thinking that there was no way they would take back a sofa when a consumer designs every last detail down to the inch. But he said they have a 365-day return policy for every piece sold. Say what?!

We think that’s pretty darn awesome. Especially since a couch is a big investment and you want to make sure you get the right piece for your home.


So after getting the scoop from Rob, we decided to have some fun eyeing the different styles, stroking the fabric blankets, and testing the softness of each sofa. IMG_7650

We each chose our favorite styles (Casey loves the Lucy, while Bridget loves the sloan), but both agreed that if we had a feminine space to makeover we’d go with the Rose style designed by Danielle and Alaina of The Everygirl. Or perhaps we could convince our boys to let us each buy one of the Rose chairs for our spaces? #valentinesdayhint


Interior Define plans to open more storefronts across the US, but you can still design and order your custom sofa on their website and have it delivered (for free!) right to your front

We suggest browsing their gorgeous selection online, and then be sure to order free swatches so you can check out all of the different fabric options before you finalize your sofa order.

Image via the Every Girl

And the absolute best part about today’s post?! We’re giving away a $1,000 credit to Interior Define so you can design your own new couch! Yep…$1,000! This covers the entire cost of Interior Define’s entry-sized Sloan sofa, or you can use the credit towards a larger one if any style of your choice!


Enter by joining Interior Define’s mailing list via the Rafflecopter widget, and be sure to let us know which style is your favorite in a comment below. You can check out our favorite styles right here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We will contact the lucky winner on Saturday! If you’re not the winner…we still have a little treat for you. Use the code “DIY100” and get $100 off your Interior Define order now through the end of the month!

Interior Define Bridget & CaseyGood luck & have fun sofa shopping! Bridget and Casey Signature

[Disclaimer: We teamed up with Interior Define to sponsor this post and giveaway. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!]

  • aGalwayGirl

    The Rose chair is my favorite! We literally have no comfy chairs in our house…only couches. Crossing my fingers and toes!!! What a fun and amazing giveaway!

    • Good luck, good luck!! Thanks for entering =)

  • kellykeitzer

    Love the Sloan couch! So many options

  • Katie M.

    Sloan! So many great options!

  • Lisa Niemeyer

    Sloan with Chaise!

    • We loveeee the chaise, especially on the sloan!

  • Wow, they do have some pretty sofas.

  • Kiersten P

    I with you guys- I like the Sloan. However, I think the Henry would probably be a better compromise for me and my husband.

    • We hear ya!! It’s all about the compromise. =)

  • Lindsay

    The Rose is gorgeous!

  • Patricia Carlson

    LOVE the sloan

  • We agree, they’re all gorgeous!

  • Maggie Sutor (IL OT Mast 15)

    I love the Sloan style!

    • The sloan seems to be a fan favorite this morning… and we can see why! #gorgeous

  • Chelsea

    I love the Rose couch – the french style lines and femininity of it make it a great statement piece for any room!

  • Stephanie Cooper

    The Lucy is my favorite!

  • Elizabeth Rice

    I’ve been lusting after the Rose sofa ever since it first hit the market. Sign me up!

  • Meaghan

    The Rose style is so pretty. That would be me go to!

  • H Buchanan

    I love the Kelley sectional! It just looks so cozy and homey.

  • Natalie Sutton

    I like the Walters style.

  • Shanna Schlabach

    I love the Henry in Dove!

  • Amanda Fenyves

    The Rose style is singing my heartsong!

  • Lauren J

    Love the sloan!

  • Katie Skeeters Stahlheber

    The Sloan is gorgeous!

  • Stephanie Miller

    Loving the Lucy style! Definitely excited about this giveaway – keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Katie

    I love the Sloan.

  • Good luck!!

  • Kara D

    OMG, I’m excited to check out Interior Define! I’ve been pondering new sofa choices in the last year but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Too bad I can’t sit and test it out myself though… hmm.

    • We hope you find something that fits! If you’re interested in purchasing one, make sure you request some free textile samples. Having them sent to your house is the perfect way to test them out next to paint + pillows + rug + accessories + etc.

    • Kara D

      I’m sorta bummed that there isn’t a tufted back option. There are certainly nice options there though.

    • Thanks for sharing, Kara! Maybe that will be next on their design list, love the idea of a tufted option too. =)

  • Amanda Scott

    The Sloan is super gorgeous – love the unfinished gunmetal legs!

  • Autumn

    awesome giveaway!

    • Thanks Autumn! We are honored to team up with such an amazing company like Interior Define. =)

  • Kacy Johanson

    I love the Gray! Modern and chic! What a great company!

    • You know we can’t resist a gorgeous gray couch either. πŸ˜‰

  • The neutral sounds like it would be perfect! Good luck!! xo, b&c

  • Jody Hon

    They are all great, but I love the Lucy!

    • We agree… so many great options, it’s hard to pick a fav!!

  • Lindsay

    These are all beautiful! Love the simplicity!

  • Amanda Risius

    I love the Lucy in linen!! This is perfect because we actually need a sofa for our basement living room πŸ™‚

    • Light and bright for the basement… sounds like the perfect choice!

  • Rachel Uhrig

    They all look so comfortable! I think I like the Henry πŸ™‚

  • I’m in love with the Rose style!

  • Ashley Harrold

    LOVE the rose style!

  • PAM

    Love the rose style.

  • Kayla

    Lucy is totally my style – love it!!!

  • Michelle Conn

    I think you ladies read my mind. We have been on the hunt for a small sofa with some style. Thank you so much!

  • Katie

    I like the Sloan too. The chaise is calling my name πŸ™‚

  • Loving all those cozy neutrals! The Sloan in particular!

    XO, Jaclyn

  • Rebecca

    Love the Rose; it would be perfect for my Victorian-ish house!

  • Trang

    Pick me! I’d love to win. LOL
    I really need a re-start button to push for my living room dΓ©cor. It’s the most neglected room and I don’t have people over for that reason.

    • We feel ya Trang! A new couch could be the jumping off point for the entire space πŸ™‚

  • Birdiebee

    The Lucy couch is my favorite.

  • I love everything about that living room!!! Can I just jump into that picture and have it as my own???

  • Emma Byers

    I’m in love with the Rose accent chair. I can think of JUST the place for it. Swooning.

  • Lara Gephart

    I neeeeeed a new sofa in my living room like whoah. My tribal print 80’s couch with a terrible slip cover isn’t doing my house any favors πŸ™‚ Also I’m dying over all their couches! Amazing!

    • Tribal is in now, haha you’re totally on-trend!

  • latanya t

    I like the Lucy.

  • Norah Leigh

    Hard to choose just one! I think I like the Lucy best though! Dream couch right there πŸ™‚

  • I love the Sloan with the what you call it thing on the end. Totally blanking on the name…but you know what I mean…maybe.

    • hahaha… we totally know what you mean….the Chaise is always a good idea!

  • Margo Solomon

    I loved tufted anything. I think it’s a childhood memory. We had tufted couches growing up. I also want a fainting couch in my room. So romantic!

    • Awww love that! Totally agree, Margo. So romantic!

  • I like the Sloan but I also really like the Kelley style with chaise. I like the more traditional look, but also like having some hidden storage for puzzles and games under the couch! Not sure I entered contest correctly! Thanks for introducing another amazing local business!

    • You’re entered and all set, Colleen! Good luck!!

  • Linda

    the lucy is by far my favorite

  • Oh man… The Sloan with the chaise is so pretty!!! The tin gray is lovely.

  • I am choosing a favorite just based on looks, I’d have to go with Russell. I adore the clean lines and the modern look – but it also looks plush and inviting. So many modern styles couches don’t for some reason. It’s kind of pricey however. Ouch. πŸ™

    If I were choosing more inside of my own budget, I’d have to pick Walters w/ the chaise. I adore it in the Charcoal fabric!

  • ellen ross

    What an awesome place!!!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  • Awww!! How exciting, I’m sure the whole place looks amazing already! Hope all is well =)

  • We’re glad you love it as much as we do. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, you should totally stop in their store. #gorgeous

  • oh my goodness, no!

  • Good luck, good luck!!

  • Terrie Brown

    I love the Sloan linen for my den. Rose for my bedroom. Beautiful clean lines with the sloan.

  • Jillian Marissa

    I’m torn, Henry or Asher? Basically anything light grey has me won over. Thanks for sharing, I have been looking for a new sectional!

  • Ms. Mckindy

    I really prefer the Sloan!

  • The Rose is my absolute favorite!! And we’re in the market for a new sofa since we just bought a house so this would be fantastic!

  • Shannon Ulis Helms

    The Sloan sectional would be a perfect fit for our living room!

  • mollyjenkins

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  • Rose is gorgeous, feminine, nostalgic, everything!

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