Organizational Products we LOVE

In honor of “the month of organizing”, we wanted to take a DIY time-out & share the products we use in our homes to stay organized…. and really do LOVE. Think of this post as “Our Favorite Things” but for Organizing.

Here are some great organization products.

Pot Lid Organizer: Casey originally bought this product to keep her pot + pan lids organized. After she used it for a few months, she SWORE by it and repeatedly told me it was a kitchen MUST-HAVE. Seeing as though my cabinets for pots & pans was a hot mess at the time (and literally made me frustrated anytime I would have to go in there to unload the dishwasher), I obliged. Now we BOTH swear by this simple and affordable organizer. Literally the b-e-s-t solution for the w-o-r-s-t cabinet.

Pop Organizer: Not a product that we would tag an absolute essential to add to the refrigerator, but we really do like having this product to keep our cans organized in the fridge. The only bad thing is that it doesn’t hold a TON of cans, so if you’re a huge pop drinker… you may get annoyed at how often you would have to add pop. We are not really pop drinkers and really only have it in the house for guests. In this case, we like having the pops organized and easy to grab for our guests.

Food Storage: If you have a kitchen where cabinet space is at a premium, you may LOVE this product as much as we do. Bridget received this “splurge” of an organizing product for her wedding shower and instantly fell in love with these containers. Since she loved them so much, I put them on my wedding registry too. Ironically, B ended up buying them for me (probably because she swears by them). We both LOVE these containers to store our dry food in because they keep the cabinets so clean & organized… plus, condensing the food into these containers and getting rid of the packaging saves some serious space in our cabinets.

Bamboo Silverware Tray: Both of us use this product for our silverware and love it. The best part of this one is that it expands to fit the width of your drawer, which is super convenient. If you want a deal on one of these, keep your eyes peeled in the kitchen section of HomeGoods because they often have them for sale at a discounted rate.

Wicker Baskets: These are probably one of our absolute favorites on this entire list, and quite honestly, one of our go-to home decor items in general. We love that these can be used in literally every room of the house to “hide” anything you need to. Cords, winter gear, DVD’s… anything! Plus, they can double as decor, which magically provides a ton of NEW storage in plain sight. <— #winwin

Gray Ikea Box: Oh Ikea…how we love you & your budget-friendly home products. We have a file cabinet in our house, but sometimes it can get overloaded with file folders…especially come tax season. So instead we file away all of the documents we need to keep, but don’t necessarily need to reach on an everyday basis, in these adorable gray boxes.

Lucite Drawer Organizers: Lucite is always a good idea, and we love these drawer organizers. Put one in your junk drawer to corral random items, throw one in the bathroom drawer for toiletries, or use it as a catchall for office supplies. So many possibilities for this trendy little organization tool.

Washi Tape: You would not imagine how many ways you can use these inexpensive, adorable rolls of temporary tape. If you have never used washi tape… you need to invest in a few rolls! We use washi tape to dress up mail, label boxes, create tab dividers in our calendars, tape reminders on the fridge, really anything! This tape is cute and colorful, but it’s also temporary so you can stick it to anything and eventually remove it without damaging the surface. If you don’t want to order this product online, you can pretty much pick up this tape at Michaels, Target, Walmart, Office Supply Stores, etc.

Felt Hangers: We invested in all felt hangers a few years ago, and have never looked back! Your clothing doesn’t slip, and you save so much space in your closet! Plus your closet will look streamlined with your clothes hanging on all of the same hangers.

Day Designer: I just got this for Christmas and I can already tell it is going to be a lifesaver for 2016. It is amazing! Just like the name, it has room to plan out every single day of your week. This to-do list queen can’t get enough.

Gold File Folders: Because filing receipts, invoices, and important documents is just a tad more fun when there is gold and glam involved #enoughsaid

Stylish Bowls: We love these West Elm bowls because they are 1. adorable and 2. super versatile. Of course you can use them for the obvious kitchen needs, but we also like to use them in our decor to hold extra change, to hold candy in the family room, or even as a spot for keys by the front door. These affordable bowls are very versatile (and so on-trend).

Camera Bag: We declared our love for these camera bags in this post, and our love for this bag has not changed since then. This is our go-to bag for organizing (and traveling with) our photography gear. Heck, Casey loves her bag so much that she uses it as her purse sometimes. Who could not love a purse with customizable compartments?!

Hooks: Hooks are simple, yet seriously effective, in using vertical space to stay organized. We hang hooks wherever we can in our houses in order to take advantage of every inch that is available. In the closets for coats, scarves, or even jewelry… in the bathroom for towels or tomorrow’s outfit… and definitely in the entryway for an easy drop zone. When in doubt, add a hook! They’re so darn cheap… why not, right?!

Obviously, we’re not all about spending a ton of money on elaborate organization items, but instead we love affordable products that work for our spaces. And although we like to think we are pretty organized people, we’re always looking for items to add to our everyday lives in order to keep things as stress-free and efficient as possible. Are we missing out on any other ESSENTIAL ORGANIZATION items?! We would love to hear what products you swear by so that we can give these new items a try!

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