Happy Birthday Janimal!

Today is a very special day, because 60 years ago today my best friend was born.

Birthday-Cupcake-InstagramNo, not Bridget. Or my husband, Finn.

My mom…7-Jan-wrapped-gift…Jan. How this gorgeous woman could possibly even be over the age of 40 is beyond me. Let’s just say I hope I age as gracefully as she has!

We don’t often address birthdays on the blog, but the big 6-0 for my favorite person in the entire world just seemed like too big a deal to pass up. So in lieu of your typical DIY or home decor post, I’m going to gush about my mother.

Casey-Jan-Photo-Booth-SmileI know I’m incredibly lucky to have such an amazing relationship friendship with my mom. When I was younger, I took our mother-daughter relationship for granted. But now I understand just how unique and special it is to consider your mother to be your buddy, your bestie, and your partner-in-crime, and I’m forever grateful for the close connection we have.

Casey-Jan-LipsJan’s the person I call when something good happens, and she’s the person I call when the not so good things happen. No matter what, she is always there for me pushing me to be better each and everyday.

Casey-Jan-Aunt-Baby-HarryNot only is Jan a wonderful mother to 4 kids, and a kickass grandma to one, she is also an amazing person. Jan’s day-job is working with the homeless. She works for an organization called the Ignation Spirituality Project, and she spends her days/nights/weekends with women who have experienced homelessness and are on their way to recovery. Jan travels around the country holding overnight retreats for homeless men and women, and on any given day you’ll find her venturing into some not-so-nice neighborhoods to pick up women and drive them to different shelters. She also collects a stockpile of toiletries and other donated goods in her basement, and she creates little “goodie bags” for the homeless women she encounters. Pretty amazing, right?

Jan-with-snapbox-frameIt’s this selflessness and this passion to do good that I admire most in my mom. People always mention how we look-alike, or talk alike, or even walk in a similar way. But if I can emulate her generosity and character….I would be one happy girl.casey-jan-wedding

So happiest of birthdays to my favorite person. I love you mom and can’t wait to see the amazing work you accomplish over the next 60 years 😉casey_sig