Jazzing up our Fireplace

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The Lazy & Cheap Girl’s Guide to Fireplace Decor

Allow me to explain. So we’ve been in our new home for about 6 months now, and we’ve done lots of work to make this space our own. We’ve changed light fixtures, hired handymen to check out our appliances, and have even tackled a few maintenance items ourselves. But there are certainly some homeowner items that are still on our long list. One of them being…hire a chimney sweep to clean and inspect our fireplace.

Of course I love a cozy fire on a cold night. And let me tell you, there have been plenty of cold nights here in Chicago this winter. But we just haven’t gotten around to getting our fireplace checked out by a pro, and there is just no way we could possibly have a fire without doing that. So our new fireplace sat empty for the remainder of 2015.

Our fireplace wasn't fully functional, so we needed to add a little flair to itUntil now. We packed our fireplace with candles since we shouldn't use it for fires

I had a lot of white pillar candles around our home, and decided to put some in the fireplace to see what it looked like. I was instantly smitten and decided to buy a few more in varying sizes to fill the entire fireplace. I also included a couple candlesticks to the back row to add some height. the soft glow of candles is perfect romantic lighting

It was a super simple solution for our non-usable fireplace, and the candles really do look great in there.

we used various size candles to add some simple decor to our fireplace

Occasionally I’ll light all of the candles to make it very soft and romantic in here. I love the look of the dim flickering light on a chilly evening. we added some candles to our out-of-service fireplace

Eventually I plan to get the chimney sweep here to fix ‘er up, but for now I’m making the most of our candle-filled fireplace. Sometimes you just gotta make the most of your current situation, and these candles fit the bill perfectly. casey_sig