Guest Room Gameplan

Okay guys, we have some exciting/scary/overwhelming news! We are starting a big room makeover here on the blog…one that will be chock full of hardcore DIY projects, painting, and accessorizing.  For quite some time now we’ve been saying that we need to step up our game and tackle some more advanced projects, and we figured this spring was the perfect time to dive right in.

We will be working on my guest room over the course of the next 6 weeks.

And now you’re probably thinking…hmmmmm Casey’s guest room. Do we even know what this space looks like? No, no you probably don’t because it hasn’t made much of an appearance here on the blog. Here’s what it looked like with the previous owners… Augusta-Guest-Room-Before.30 PM Augusta-Guest-Bedroom-Before.27 PMThese pictures make the room seem waaaay bigger than it really is. In all honesty, it’s a tiny room that’s just about big enough for a queen bed and a slim dresser. I think the dimensions are 11ft x 11ft.

guest-room-bed-bedroom-beforeWe had the floors re-done in here, we painted, and I added a bamboo window shade so guests wouldn’t be blinded by the sun in the morning. But besides that…this room has received zero TLC. Our poor guests have had to look at random decor, our internet router, and lots of messy cords. Not pretty.

guest-room-blank-wall-beforeLuckily, that is all about to change!

guest-room-doorway-beforeWe are giving this room a new life! We purchased some power tools (a miter saw & a pneumatic nail gun!) and we are getting started next weekend. We’re so excited about the potential of this space, but we’re also a bit freaked out because we vowed to do it all by ourselves. No professional help, no help from Bridget’s dad….just us rookies tackling this space all by our lonesome #gulp

guest-bedroom-closet-bed-beforeI have spent the last couple months dreaming & scheming of ways to make this space more stylish & functional and I think we have a gameplan!

Casey's Guest Room Inspiration

First on our list? We’re going to add a wood wall treatment behind the bed.

Bower-Power-Wood-WallImage via Bower Power Blog

This will require lots of cutting, nailing, caulking, and painting, but we are pumped! Once that’s done, we’re going to paint the entire space navy. Yes, navy. Eek! We’re going dark & moody. As gals who have mostly light grays all over their homes, this is definitely outside of our comfort zone. But we figure a guest room is a good spot to be a little more dangerous. We’re hoping it makes it feel cozy and inviting, and not like a dark, creepy cave. We’ll see how it goes.

Chris-loves-julia-fauxdenzaImage via Chris Loves Julia

On the other wall, we’re planning to build a large slim “fauxdenza.” Basically it’s floating kitchen cabinet shelves embellished with wood and pretty handles. I think it will be nice because it will have tons of storage without taking up too much space.

lesley-graham-navy-bedroomImage via Lesley Graham

And finally, we’re gonna jazz it up with new lighting, furniture, and accessories. Our theme is navy, black & white, gray, gold, and some wood tones. We’re excited to see how it all comes together.

guest-room-beforeSo what do you think? Are you excited to see this space come to life? We may need you guys to be our cheerleaders along the way, because this is way outside of our comfort zone.

Expect updates just about every week here on the blog. And be sure to check Instagram for lots of behind-the-scenes action, too! Bridget and Casey Signature