LED Lights on our Flat Screen TV

Yesterday, I revealed my favorite spot in the house…built-ins-casey-family-room

…our new built-ins in the family room. We chatted all about these beauties, but I didn’t really go into detail about our TV setup. So that’s what today’s post is all about. bookcase-built-ins-accessories

Once the built-ins were installed, we had the carpenter also mount our TV. We purchased a heavy-duty TV mount (we got this one from Amazon) and had him install it directly into the studs of the wall. television-mounted

We love it because you can move the TV around. Pull it out, tilt it up or down, and the best part…you can turn it towards the kitchen. It’s pretty great when you’re chopping away and can catch up on your favorite shows all at the same time. Not that I’m cooking in the kitchen that often…

television-mounted-swivel-built-inWith the TV all good to go, we had to tackle the cords and electronics. While I started decorating the shelves, Finn got to work on this task. television-tv-box-electronic-cords-built-ins

We have to keep the cable box out, but everything else we wanted to hide in the cabinets. We picked up a plastic cord cover from Lowe’s that was wide enough to hold all of the cords we had going on. Finn then cut it to size with a hack saw, and attached it to the wall using a bunch of command strips. We thought about painting it to match the wall color, but honestly the white doesn’t really bother us. organized-cords-television

With the cords neatly tucked into the cord cover, Finn used black zip ties to keep them all together and compact.

tv-cords-electronicsThey then run down the back of the wall and into a hole we had cut in the top of the built-ins, and into the base cabinet.

electronics-under-cabinet-built-ins-tvThis cabinet holds our DVD player and XBOX and we even have a spot for our laptop when we want to stream shows from the computer.  It all fits in there neatly and all of the cords go into a plug in the back of the wall. Pretty perfect setup, right? mounted-television-built-ins

But that’s not all we did.

We added some LED lights onto the back of the TV so it can light up at night, whenever we’re watching TV, or when we have people over and want to add some color to the room. led-lights-gif-television-built-insled-lights-remote-controlA friend gave us these, but you can buy an LED light kit online for pretty cheap. It comes with the light strips, a remote, and then the power connector. back-of-television-mounted-led-lights

led-lights-command-stripsFinn again used some command strips to stick them onto the back of the TV. You can cut the strips to size, so we simply used enough to cover the entire perimeter of the flat screen. lights-on-back-of-tv

The little white box has a sensor that slightly sticks out on the bottom of the TV. television-sensor-led-lights

You can then point the remote control at it in order to change the colors. remote-control-led-lights

Oh and speaking of the colors, there are so many to choose from! I like bright white, but it’s also fun to change the colors up whenever the mood strikes.

led-lights-green-tvThere’s also a setting where you can cycle through the colors, so they’re ever-changing. Good for a party atmosphere!led-lights-pink-television-the-bachelor

Finn likes to change the color based on what we’re watching on TV. Pink for the bachelor, red for scary movies, and the team colors for whatever sports game he’s watching. Yeah…we definitely have fun with it! led-lights-gif-television-built-ins

At first I thought it would get kinda old, and we would forget to turn it on. But it’s actually pretty awesome to light up at night. white-led-lights-tv-built-ins

I’m sure everyone on our block can see in our window and they wonder what the heck is going on! No we’re not having a rave, instead we’re just watching TV 😉LED_lights_around_TV


  • shawnna griffin

    hey Casey This is pretty cool! Great job!

  • Lisa Martin

    That’s a really fun idea! – thanks for the good photos and explanation showing how it all works. I like the team color idea for game days!

    • Thanks Lisa, glad the step-by-step pictures helped =)

  • Lindsey Hammer

    I am a little jealous of how amazing everything turned out! I showed my husband and is now thinking that we need LED lights behind our TV! Not sure if you have heard of the Google Chrome Cast but it has changed our life! It is similar to Apple TV where you can stream from your phone to your TV. It is nice so you can still have your laptop when streaming, a little multitasking at its best 😉

    • Yay, glad he liked them!

      And thank you so much for the tips, Lindsey!! We will definitely have to try that so we I can use the laptop while watching… genius!

  • We just put similar led lights under our kitchen cabinets and my husband and son have way too much fun playing with them and changing the colors!

  • That is GENIUS. We’ve already talked about doing the hide-a-cord thing with our TVs once we are certain where they go. I like the cord cover – it seems a bit less permanent in case you for whatever reason decided to change your mind. We were going to follow the instructions to actually put ours inside of the wall. But ugh I love this so much.

    The man needs to get on board… and I bet he will when I show him those LED lights! 😀

    • Yes show him & hopefully you can sway him! And I’d love to hear how it goes hiding the cords in the wall. Love it.


      I love how you did that. I been doing music with TV screen and I came across your project and love it. Can I have authorize to use on my Internet radio station. Also give you created on the screen?. Place video in the screen.

    • Hey Lloyd,
      So happy you like the project. Unfortunately we do not allow our projects to be featured in other videos.

      Thanks for reaching out though.