Making the most out of an imperfect couch

So yesterday we shared our HONEST, uncensored thoughts about each of our couches. ((Spoiler Alert from yesterday’s post)): neither of us have the “perfect couch” and both of us have things we would do differently next time we’re in the game to buy a new couch. You live and ya learn, right?

B’s couch cushions are too saggy for her liking, and C’s couch fabric gets wrinkly and is a little less bright white as it used to be. On top of that, living with these couches that see wear and tear, spills, stains, and their fair-share of naps over several years, the couches are bound to be imperfect. imperfect_couch_graphicHowever, these imperfect couches aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s not like we can replace a couch anytime a spill happens or whenever the cushions start sagging. So instead of focusing on the flaws of our couches, we choose to make the most of what we have…. using a few tips & tricks to distract from each of our couch’s imperfections. These “secret strategies” tricked our guests (and sometimes even us!) into focusing on the positive characteristics of our older couches, while trying our best to distract from the few imperfections they may have.

Casey-Couch-Family-Room-Pillows-BlanketCan you guys relate? Do you have an old couch that you wish you could replace ASAP but just can’t swing it right now? Do you have a couch that isn’t the color you wish it was? A couch like Bridget that slouches? A couch like Casey’s that has faded or seems wrinkly?! Hopefully today’s “secret” tricks can help you make the most of that large investment…. at least until it’s time to replace that sucker.

pillows-blanket-couch1. When in doubt, add pillows (lots of them!): As you know we are BIG FANS of decorative pillows around here. Although our hubbies would probably disagree… As far as we’re concerned there is no such thing as having too many pillows. Not only are pillows a comfy and cozy element to any couch, they can also bring STYLE and COLOR to a couch that may lack in either (or both) of these areas.

Blue-PillowsIf you don’t love the color of your couch or want to distract from the overall style of it, pillows are a cheap alternative to buying a whole new couch. Plus they can totally hide those stains, that extra wear and tear, or those slouchy cushions you despise. Instead of having your guests focus on that outdated couch, pile it up with adorable pillows and we promise they’ll be so focused on those gorgeous prints that they won’t even notice that imperfect couch hiding underneath! Bottom line: When in doubt — add pillows!

2. Strategically place these pillows: And when you have all the amazing pillows ready to go, make sure you place them on your couch strategically. This GIF below shows how B uses her pillows and throws to hide her slouchy problem spots on the couch. If you have stains, slouchy cushions, or general problem areas, may sure you utilize those adorable pillows to hide them!!


maggie bathroom3. Layer throw blankets: Layering is totally the name of the game when it comes to couch accessorizing. Maybe we’re crazy, but as far as we are concerned you can never have too many throws on your couch either. We both usually have two at all times — and they don’t necessarily have to be symmetrical on each side (we actually advise that they’re not). As you can see in the photos, we usually fold one nicely on one side of the couch to add color and hide imperfections. Then we place the other one in a more “natural/throw” kind of way on the other side of the couch. This way the look is different on each side and you don’t feel like you have this symmetrical look of all folded throws (too perfect) or all natural throws (too messy). family_room_couch_pillows_flowers_Bridget-003couch-sectional-white-family-roomWe love the color, style and cozy factor that these throws bring to our couches, but we also love that throws can hide those couch imperfections very effectively! The brown throw above is strategically placed in the spot that Matt sits on B’s couch. You can’t even tell that Matt’s spot on the couch looks a lot more “worn in” than any other part of this entire couch, can you? And the back of the blanket also hides those darn slouchy cushions!!

Family Room Christmas Home Tour

4. Think outside of the box: As you can see in this Christmas picture, I strategically placed my pillows/blankets on top of my “problem spots”… even if that meant the middle of the couch. With the pillows and blankets hiding the areas that are slouchy or sunken in, guests can’t necessarily see the wear and tear that I notice. But what do you do when the season changes and you don’t want to buy a whole new style/colored throw to hide your couch’s imperfections? You get creative!! See that tan and red “throw” that I have draped over the problem area? It’s actually not a throw at all… Christmas Plaid Pillows and blanket … it’s an oversized scarf that I had in my closet. I didn’t want to buy a whole new throw for the season so I “shopped my home” and found this gem in my closet. I added the “blanket scarf” to the couch and instantly loved it! Why not, right?! Instead of defaulting to always buying new items… sometimes thinking outside of the box can save you some money while helping hide those trouble spots. <— Shhh…. this one’s our little secret!Family-Room-Pillows-couch

5. Change it up Seasonally: Speaking of decorating for Christmas, we think it’s important to try to change up a few of your pillows/blankets seasonally. Of course we totally understand if that’s not always in the budget (priorities, we get it!). If it is though, we like this idea not just to stay in season with colors/patterns, but to refresh your own perspective on that old couch. Sometimes adding new pillows that you LOVE, or a throw that you recently scored, or just putting your holiday pillows out can help YOU look at the couch with new eyes (and a new mood). The instant refresh will change your attitude from “so over this ugly thing” to “hey, look at those cute pillows!!” and to us… the simple swap is WELL, WELL worth it.


So what do you say, are you ready to breathe new life into that imperfect couch?! Are there any other tips you use to “hide” those imperfections? We would love to hear them, we promise your couch “secrets” are safe with us. 😉  Bridget and Casey Signature

  • This is great because I have such a saggy couch right now! These are some genius tips 🙂

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls Love the ideas! And I love pillows to !

    • Thanks Shawnna! We agree….slight throw pillow addiction over here.

  • Luisk

    I just love the decoration ideas of the sofas and pillows. Very creatively done and I’ve real pleasure see such awesome work.

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  • Yes, love this! I always tell people to just pretend the couch itself is a backdrop and decorate with pillows and throws! Thanks for sharing! Also, is the gray couch a Broyhill? I think we had the same one before we moved!

    Kira |